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Directorate/Operations Safety Committee Meeting

Dir/Ops Safety Committee Meeting 2/27/2008


Michael Chartock                               Dir/Plan Development
Ira Janowitz                                          EH&S Liaison
Dan Twohey                                          Operations Business Manager
Molly Stoufer                                       Dir/Internal Audit
Vera Potapenko                                   Ops/HR
Michelle Flynn                                     Dir/Institutional Assurance
Nancy Saxer                                         OCFO/SPO
Anil More                                             Ops/OCFO/W.F.D.
Elizabeth Reyes                                   Ops/Safety Coordinator
Jeffrey Fernandez                               Dir/Ops Senior Mgmt.
Jennifer Ridgeway                              Dir/Ops Senior Mgmt.


Introduction of Jennifer Ridgeway Facilities Division Director
Dan Twohey – Operations Business Manager

Roles and responsibilities for the upcoming move.
The committee discussed with Jennifer the upcoming move and concerns regarding the impending move on-site and staff from Bldg. 937 to the hill. Jennifer expressed she doesn’t want staff to move themselves.  Remind employees not to overload boxes that they will be packing but not moving.

Ergonomic furniture such as the adjustable height workstations will be moved from Bldg. 937 to employee’s new location. Some offices in the 90 trailers have typical Steelcase furniture that is not adjustable and will have to be replaced with height adjustable units. Jennifer is looking into using furniture systems with cantilever sections that can be adjusted manually.

The Livermore trailer is still on track to be delivered in the next few months, staff from Internal Audit, Tech Transfer and Patents will be moving in. This trailer has no furniture and will need to be furnished, preferably with cantilever furniture at a reasonable cost to the lab.  Personnel layouts will be available prior to employees move. Facilities will be paying for the new furniture to be installed in the trailer.

Ira Janowitz

Ira noted that some staff in the OCFO prefers not to have keyboard trays in their work areas. He suggested user height adjustable furniture may be used as a more cost effective measure than cantilever furniture. Height adjustable can be changed easily by one person while the cantilever furniture takes two personnel to lift the heavy tops into place.

Ira will contact JGI for their contract information for offsite buildings and inform the committee.

Jennifer Ridgeway

  • Who is the lab contact for shredding, Jennifer to find out and report back to the committee.


The suggestion was made to clearly label boxes destined for a new location, even color code the labels as to the importance of information so the boxes can be stacked for easier accessibility.


Ira Janowitz

  • Set realistic goals for the move
  • Let employees know that their new workstation will be equal to or better than their current work area.
  • Reaffirm to employees they are packing not moving.
  • Integrate precautions of move.
  • The Ergo team will assist on the day(s) of the move.


Vera Potapenko

  • Get employee commitment
  • Show safety accomplishments
  • Reward employees for their part in making the move successful during the process.
  • Show statistics from Health Services.


Elizabeth Reyes

  • Working on the production of a safety video for the pre-move (paperwork reduction portion) currently being performed in Bldg. 937.
  • There is a building wide clean-up day on Friday March 14, 2008 video to be released as soon as possible to inform employees on how to safely accomplish this task.
  • Lunch will be provided to staff involved in the clean-up by the OCFO.


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Last updated: November 25, 2008