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Dir/Ops Safety Committee Meeting Notes

Dir/Ops Safety Committee Meeting 9/26/2007

Elizabeth Reyes – Safety Coordinator Dir/Ops

Discussed the eight recordables and 21 first aids in Dir/Ops, recordables are triple that of last year. Root cause for the recordables is similar in outcome, workload management, and training of new staff, employees not taking breaks and employees not reporting early discomfort which leads to recordables. EH&S has a new “early intervention” program. An employee who reports to Health Services for a first aid visit will be seen by an EH&S ergonomist within 48 hours to ensure their office set-up is not a contributing factor. This can be critical in keeping the first aid from becoming a recordable.
Expressed concern that the lack of evaluators for the division will lead to a longer waiting period for employees who have requested ergo evaluations.


Ira Janowitz – EH&S Division Liaison & Ergonomic Program Manager

Working with divisions to support the ergo advocate program, it’s critical for success of the program to have advocates in the divisions to assist with “non-discomfort” evaluations. These advocates can be the eyes and ears of the division in regard to ergo safety.
Some activities of the ergo advocates, e.g.:

  • checking in with people as to whether they had received their new equipment.
  • checking in with people as to whether their new equipment or other adjustments were working for them.
  • helping people put together some of the new equipment, which is often in pieces as delivered in a box, and adjusting same.
  • noticing if people have moved, and asking about the set-up, giving them feedback on their set-up, getting them scheduled for an ergo assessment.

A date has been set for the ergo advocate training in October and there are six employees in the CFO who’s names have been submitted.
Ira wanted to ensure the committee that all employees experiencing discomfort will be seen by one of the EH&S ergonomists.
New enhanced ergo database will be rolled out in the next few weeks.


Peggy Williams - CFO Sponsored Projects

Recommendation to add the emergency phone number to the Laboratory ISM card.


Mike Chartock – Dir/Plan & Development

What is the ergo advocate program, how are ergo advocates assigned at the laboratory, which Divisions have ergo advocates.


Ron Kolb- Public Affairs

How are ergonomic statistics being measured at the laboratory what are the root causes of our injuries and recordables.


Cheryl Fragiadakis – Tech Transfer/Patents

Add her to the mailing list when sending out Operations safety information.


Vera Potapenko – HR

Send out correspondence to staff without the acronyms that seem to cause confusion regarding the intent of the information. Send out more “reader friendly”
Since ergonomic injuries are the largest risk in Dir/Ops why not assign risk assessment to administrative jobs in the division to determine which jobs have a higher risk factor and focus on that group initially.
Why is the laboratory purchasing furniture that is not ergonomic, put in place a mandate that all new furniture purchased is ergo. compliant.


Michelle Flynn – Office of Contract Assurance

Commented that the OCA may not validate the labs training percentages when employees have signed up for required training but haven’t taken the course before the end of the self assessment period.


Eileen Nasto – CFO/Procurement
David Chen is responsible for furniture purchased through the labs. E buy procurement site.


Jeffrey Fernandez – CFO

He will meet with Jennifer the Facilities Division Director and ???? to put a furniture purchase policy into effect that will control the ordering of non-ergonomic equipment.


Anil More – CFO Work Force Diversity

Problematic issues with the ergo database, not clear directions for use and who is responsible for the ordering of recommended equipment/modifications.
Expressed his concern about some evaluations not being completed in a timely manner due to wait time for furniture delivery and facilities crafts personnel.


Dan Twohey – Operations Business Manager

Efforts have been focused on completion of our required training and the results are notable. Our goal of having 100% of our GERT and JHQ requirements met has been achieved and the training required as a result of responses to JHQ is about 98% completed. Special attention was paid to the training requirements of guests. The supervisors of each guest were contacted and asked if the guest met the requirement of being at the Lab for 30 days or more. If the answer was “no”, then the supervisor was asked to send an e-mail to Betsy requesting the guest be removed from the requirement. If the answer was “yes”, the supervisor was encouraged to have the guest complete the training as soon as possible. As a result, guests were either removed from the required training list or completed the training.

The committee approved for distribution the list of Frequently Asked Questions about EH&S.  Distribution will be to all 500+ employees, contractors, and guests in Lab Directorate/Ops. The committee felt this could be a valuable tool to help staff with the upcoming MESH review as well as a good reference document.

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Last updated: November 14, 2008