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Directorate/Operations Safety Committee Meeting

Dir/Ops Safety Committee Meeting 11/28/2007


Mike Chartock                      Dir/Plan & Development
Ira Janowitz                         EH&S liaison
Reid Edwards                       Public Affairs
Cheryl Fragiadakis              Dir/Tech Transfer/Patents
Dan Twohey                          Operations Business Manager
Molly Stoufer                        Dir/Internal Audit
Michelle Flynn                      Dir/Institutional Assurance
Eileen Nasto                         Ops/OCFO/Procurement
Anil More                               Ops/OCFO/WFD
Elizabeth Reyes                   Ops/Safety Coordinator
Nancy Saxer                         Ops/S.P.O.
Jeffrey Fernandez               Dir/Ops/Senior Mgmt.


Elizabeth Reyes – Safety Coordinator Dir/Ops

A sample of a Safety Backpack was shared with the group.  The backpack contains enough supplies to last approximately three days.  Is this something we want to purchase for everyone in the directorate?  This would be quite expensive.  Is there an alternative to this backpack that would be more appropriate?  Something to think about.

Mike Chartock – Dir/Plan & Development

In an effort to gain a better understanding about ergonomics, and how stresses affect our daily activities, Mike shared the Berkeley Lab Planning Calendar with the group.  This calendar shows the labs major activities and critical deadlines on a quarterly basis.  This type of tool may be beneficial on an organization /department basis.  By creating and using a planning calendar, organizations will have advance visibility to requirements and be able to even out workload an appropriate.

Another example is to talk about upcoming activities at your weekly meetings and how those activities may affect safety and ergonomic issues.

A copy of the laboratory’s planning calendar is available at

Michelle Flynn - Office of Contract Assurance

Michelle demonstrated the CATS, Corrective Action Tracking System.  There was a brief tutorial from the ES&H perspective.  The CATA Database is an institutional log of all issues, issues, corrective actions.  Use CATS as a way to record deficiencies and remain compliant to external and internal regulations.  You can search for all open items or corrective actions by division.  Entries stay in CATS indefinitely so it also acts as a data warehouse.

CATS is linked to Maximo which alerts the work request center when necessary.  Maximo will back populate CATS when work is complete.

Dan Twohey - Operations Business Manager

Dan suggested a holistic approach to safety concept to the group.  The goal is have employees think safety 24/7, not just 9-5.  Raising awareness to what you do on your own time, can affect what you do at work.  The idea is not to intrude into an employee’s non work activities, but rather focus on efforts to improve awareness on non-work risks, especially activities that could aggravate ergonomic discomfort or injury.

The following suggestions/comments were made by several members of the group.

  • Provide training or key points on outside activities based on employee input.  For example, commuting, gardening, sports, knitting, childcare,
  • Motivation signs throughout the department or when leaving the laboratory site.
  • Talk with the Safety Communication Committee to get the word out on interested topics.
  • Discuss non-work related safety issues at group meetings.

Vera Potapenko - HR

Vera suggested that managers talk with their employees about stress.  Remain sensitive to the demands on their employees.

Elizabeth Reyes – Safety Coordinator Dir/Ops

Elizabeth passed out the Berkeley Lab Accident Statistics through September 30, 2007

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Last updated: November 14, 2008