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Dir/Ops Safety Committee Meeting Notes

Notes of Dir/Ops Safety Committee Meeting July 20, 2006

Attending:  Tom Caronna (EH&S Liaison), Michael Chartock, Michelle Flynn, Cheryl Fragiadakis*, Carla Garbis, Mark Menge, Anil More, Eileen Nasto, Rollie Otto, Fran Portello, Elizabeth (Betsy) Reyes, Molly Stoufer*, Peggy Williams.

(*Cheryl replaces Timothy Lithgow and will represent Tech Transfer and Patents; Molly replaces Edna Annis from Internal Audit.)

Absent: Loida Bartomole-Mingao, Glenn Woods

At-a-Glance and Supervisor’s Accident & Analysis Reports (SAAR)

  • There was some concern that SAARs are sent directly to supervisors and that the managers do not always get informed on a timely basis.  The Committee agreed that Betsy would assume the responsibility for making sure the manager receives timely notification by sending a copy of the SAAR to him/her.
  • The Committee discussed their role with respect to SAARs and whether all SAARs should be sent to committee members or at least those of employees in the member’s organization unit. Due to possible privacy concerns, at this time, only At-a- Glance Reports will be sent to all Committee members.

Safety Representatives

  • The Committee continued the discussion from the previous meeting regarding the value of having safety representatives in the Dir/Ops organization units.  In preparation for the discussion, Betsy had sent out in advance of the meeting a description of the safety representative role as well as recommended knowledge, skills and abilities (Attached).  Anil said that in the OCFO, the managers perform the role of safety representative (without having taken specific training). Tom mentioned an example of a scientific division (AFRD) which has chosen to have safety representatives. (The reps meet monthly where one of the agenda items is to review and discuss SAARs.) The idea of having Safety Committee members take information from the meetings back to their managers in lieu of having safety reps was also discussed.  It was pointed out that there are benefits to having safety reps who are: (1) closer to the work and therefore have a better understanding of potential risks; and (2) made more aware of safety as a result of taking recommended EH&S training classes. It was agreed that each Committee member would talk with his or her manager about the concept of having safety reps and Carla would follow-up with the Dir/Ops managers on August 3rd to ask them of their decision. (Pending) (It was agreed that it would be up to each of these managers to decide if they wanted to have a safety rep and would not have to be made mandatory for all of the Dir/Ops org units.)

Directorate/Ops Safety Website

  • Many suggestions were made about enhancing the Dir/Ops Safety website:
    • Add a safety bulletin
    • Include a supervisor link that would describe the requirements and deadlines for supervisors, a link to the JHQ and EH&S training website, forms and instructions on how to fill out SAARs
    • Have a link to ergo accessories
    • Post the At-a-Glance statistics
    • Have a link to the list of Building Managers
    • Link to the EH&S subject matter experts/”who to call”
    • Include a list of who to contact within Dir/Ops on safety issues
    • Add a message on safety from David McGraw
    • Add a picture of the Dir/Ops Safety Committee members
    • Include a picture of David and Betsy
    • Put in info on avian flu, West Nile fever and other timely topics


  • Questions raised:
    • What is the Lab’s position on providing vaccines for the avian flu? 
      Answer: According to Dr. Peter Lichty of Health Services, no such vaccine is commercially available at this time.
    • What glasses can be obtained for free through Health Services? e.g., safety glasses? computer glasses? sunglasses?
      Answer: Pending

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Last updated: November 14, 2008