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Dir/Ops Safety Committee Meeting Notes

Notes of Dir/Ops Safety Committee Meeting April 24, 2006

Attending:  Michael Chartock, Rollie Otto, Edna Annis, Michelle Flynn, Fran Portello, Eileen Nasto, Tim Lithgow, Anil More, Peggy Williams, Loida Bartomole-Mingao, Jeffrey Chung, Glenn Woods, Carla Garbis, Mark Menge, Elizabeth Reyes.

New training, “Work Smart” coming out next month.

 Upcoming new course, ESH27, “Walk-through for Supervisors”.

  • Committee to determine if this course should be mandatory. - Pending
  • ISM Review – committee to be back to us in 2 weeks. – Completed.
  • At-A-Glance - Betsy has sent out email to all that hadn’t taken the ESH60 course.
  • Workstation Evaluation – required every two years, when a person moves or their job scope changes significantly. – Betsy currently performing evaluations for all staff over the two year threshold. To be completed by June 30, 2006.
  • JHQ – to be re-taken every year.
  • Safety Walk-around – all are at 50% due to the January walk-around.
  • Safety Meetings – Betsy to send information to the managers regarding requirements for documentation. – Completed.
  •  First Aids vs. Recordables
    If an employee receives a higher level of assistance e.g., prescription, sutures, restricted work, physical therapy etc.-  Betsy to get documentation of first aids vs. recordables. – Attached
  • Suggestion made to put the definition of first aid vs. recordable on the At-A-Glance.

Our primary issues are in OCFO/Procurement. A 4 hour stand-down is scheduled for April 27, 2006.
Working with medical services to be kinder, “when an employee reports to Health Services”.
Important to encourage people to report to medical at the first sign of injury.
At-A-Glance Betsy will email it to managers monthly (a copy should be sent to the SRC members as well).

  • Safety Representatives – Do we need them?
    Suggestions, let the department decide how many and where.
    Question raised, how will they be trained? Answer – TBD.
    Jeffrey Chung said that EHS can put together knowledge’s, skills and abilities.
     Betsy to get documentation from Jeffrey Chung – Attached.
    What is the difference between the safety committee members and safety representatives?
    Question – could they help to drive safety training? Yes
  • Question – what is the role of the building managers? Their focus in more on the physical needs and evacuations.

    A comment was made that we need safety representatives.

    Could the BET (building emergency team) members be safety representatives?

    We need lines of communication that encourage people to respond early.
    Completing of interactions – need defined roles.

  • Roles that need to be included in the ISM:
  • Supervisors – need to make sure that the guest database is up to date.
    Supervisors – encourage employees to go to medical at the first sign of injury.

    Weakness in our participating guest form was noted by one committee member.

    The issue of guests in the database needs to be addressed – outside this committee.

    Do we need Health Services on our committee? The ESH Division Director thinks that our ESH liaison is ample representation.

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