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Lessons Learned

Deviations from what is considered normal may lead to something that is not intended.

Specifically, we have experienced unusually heavy rains and severe weather conditions in recent months and it affects all of us in some way.

One of our fellow employees was walking to their office early one rainy morning when they decided to travel on a path unfamiliar to them. To compound the problem it was still dark, the lights reflected off the street and sidewalks making any holes in the walking path difficult to see. Unfortunately on this route there happened to be a large pothole in the asphalt that was undetectable and the employee stepped in the hole and twisted their ankle.
Walking one’s normal and familiar route during inclement weather is already risky, but adding the task of detecting new hazards in unusual conditions and unfamiliar settings requires adjustments to avoid accidents such as this. Keep your eyes on the path, use handrails and slow down. If your load has shifted, stop, make the adjustment, and make sure you are prepared and ready before proceeding.

Remember Safety is 24-7. If a pothole needs to be fixed to prevent injury here at work, contact Facilities Work Request Center x: 6274 and your local municipality for areas near home.


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Last updated: January 22, 2009