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Lessons Learned

Lesson Learned Briefing

TitlePuncture Wound Right Foot
EventLBNL Event
Event Date12/16/2008
CategoryFacilities - Preventive Maintenance
Lesson Learned Statement
Employees need to be vigilant when walking around the hill, using additional caution around construction sites.
An employee was walking down the sidewalk of Alvarez road by B51 opposite the Bay View parking lot when a nail penetrated the bottom of their shoe and entered their foot. Employee went to health services for treatment and a tetanus shot, the employee is okay, it was more of a shock than anything else. Employees walking on the laboratory site need to be aware and vigilant especially around all the ongoing construction.

The project manager was notified and sent out a reminder to all project managers to discuss with the contractors that they must be careful when transporting materials around the site.

Uploaded documents/attachments:
Nail foot-2.jpg
Nail foot.jpg

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Last updated: January 22, 2009