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Guiding Principles and Values

Guiding Principles: A Foundation For The Future

Operations leadership has begun articulating a message of professionalism, accountability and values. This message is being driven from the Associate Laboratory Director through Ops division and department heads. The leadership of Ops believes that by modeling these values in our behaviors, we will initiate a culture of change. Our goal is a values-based environment of accountability and shared responsibility for all aspects of operations.



Strict adherence to values
and principles
(Doing the right thing when
no one is looking)


Being consistent with rules,
logic or ethics

Individual and Collective Accountabillity

To ourselves and our profession
To each other
To management
To the Laboratory

The obligation or willingness to accept responsibility

Respect and Appreciation for the Individual

One's expertise
One's opinion
One's uniqueness (diversity is valued)

Reciprocal generosity
We encourage responsible and informed risk taking (judgment)
We focus on positive reinforcement

Last updated: November 19, 2014