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Project Management Office

Earned Value Management System (EVMS)

The LBNL-EVMS is designed to provide project managers with a tool to promote optimal planning, accurate reporting, and effective control through the standardization of processes used in project scope, schedule, and budget management.

The specific implementation of the LBNL-EVMS at LBNL will vary based on specific
customer planning and control requirements, and project specific graded-risk analyses.
LBNL project director/managers are permitted to adapt the EVMS to their project while
maintaining the necessary management controls to meet project cost, schedule, and technical
requirements, with the approval of the Laboratory Project Management Officer (LPMO). The
LBNL-EVMS addresses the seven principles of EVMS as defined by the ANSI standard:

  • Plan all work scope for the project to completion.
  • Break down the project work scope into finite pieces that can be assigned to a
    responsible person or organization for control of the technical, schedule, and cost
  • Integrate the project work scope, schedule, and cost objectives into a performance
    measurement baseline against which accomplishments may be measured. Control
    changes to the baseline.
  • Use actual costs incurred and recorded in accomplishing the work performed.
  • Objectively assess accomplishments at the work performance level.
  • Analyze significant variances from the plans, forecast impacts, and prepare an
    estimate at completion based on performance to date and work to be performed.
  • Use EVMS information in management processes.


Last updated: September 9, 2011