Work Smart Standards Program Intro.

Work Smart Standards Program -- Introduction to the Stakeholders

A Note to the Stakeholders

The Berkeley Lab Necessary & Sufficient (N&S) Project has provided these reports in reading rooms at the Berkeley Library, the Oakland Library, and at the LBNL Library and DOE Public Information Office in Oakland.

Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with the current findings of this project. The objectives are best met with the ongoing involvement of individuals and organizations with vital interest in assuring successful ES&H management of the Laboratory. Thus, we are providing this report while it is in draft form so you may review it during the N&S Project review cycle. We will provide updates to the draft documents as they are finalized.


The first Stakeholder Meeting was held July 31, 1996, to present a summary of the Necessary & Sufficient Process. At the meeting, Ben Feinberg, who is heading the project at Berkeley Lab, presented the details of the project.

The Berkeley Lab has been given an opportunity, with DOE's Work Smart Standards Program, to review and select necessary and sufficient standards to address the Lab's work using applicable existing Federal, State, and local laws, and internationally recognized standards. These standards may include those not codified in law or regulation, but represent the highest operating standards of industrial and commercial institutions. The performance objective is the development and use of ES&H standards to ensure that work at the Lab is planned, performed, and documented to assure protection of the public, employees and the environment.

As a preliminary step in the N&S process, an inventory and analysis of the work performed by the Laboratory and the associated hazards is performed by the Integrated Functional Analysis Team (IFA). The IFA is charged with following the N&S process and team members are of the highest level of expertise to assure a quality analysis. The IFA Team includes members of the Standards Identification Team to ensure sufficient overlap between defining the work and hazards and identifying the set of standards. The IFA works with the Laboratory Division Safety Coordinators, division directors and Principle Investigators to verify and understand work processes and associated hazards.

This site includes draft summaries of the IFA work and hazard analysis effort which are under review.

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