Charge from the Convened Group to the Internal Review Team

The Laboratory Safety Review Committee and the DOE/OAK ESH Policy Committee are requested by the Convened Group to evaluate and assess the adequacy of the set of standards. This review will promote greater understanding of the set and can provide a foundation for setting performance expectations and assessing performance outcomes.

The overall N&S process proceeds from identification of the work and hazards, through selection of standards necessary and sufficient to mitigate the hazards, confirmation of the set of standards by an independent group of experts and, finally, approval of the set and modification of the contract. The review of the draft set of N&S by the Internal Review Team should commence the week of September 2, the same time as the staff of the review by the independent Confirmation Team. Because review comments by the Internal Review Team will be used as valuable input for a subsequent revision of the standards set for the Confirmation Team, comments from the Laboratory Safety Review Committee are requested at the monthly Safety Review Committee meeting on September 20. The Internal Review Team's review of the Berkeley N&S process and standards set is sincerely appreciated.

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