Appendix F
Standards Listing with Expanded Descriptions

F.1 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations

F.2 Department of Energy Regulations

F.3 Department of Energy Orders and Standards

F.4 Occupational Safety and Health Administration Regulations

F.4.1 Electrical

F.4.2 Motion Sources

F.4.3 Gravity-Mass

F.4.4 Confined-Gas Pressures

F.4.5 Noise

F.4.6 Cold

F.4.7 Heat

F.4.8 Chemical

F.4.9 Radiant Energy

F.4.10 Biological Sources

F.4.11 Oxygen Deficiency

F.5 Environmental Protection Agency Regulations

F.6 Department of Transportation Regulations

F.7 Waste Acceptance Criteria for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP WAC)

F.8 Waste Acceptance Criteria for the Nevada Test Site

F.9 ANSI Standards

F.10 NFPA Standards

F.11 LLNL Standards