SPO Proposal Preparation

General Information for All Proposals


LBNL Guidelines for Proposal Review: 

Pursuant to UC policy, and by delegation from the Lab’s Director, only Office of Sponsored Projects and Industry Partnerships (OSPIP) Managers and Contracts Officers (CO’s) are authorized to submit proposals to and accept awards from non-DOE sponsors. 


ALL FINAL Proposals are due to the OSPIP CO ten (10) working days before the Sponsor’s published deadline or requested submission date--not including the time needed to deliver the proposal to the sponsor by the deadline.  If the OSPIP CO receives the proposal less than 5 working days from the deadline, it may be submitted without further review.  The risk of the Sponsor rejecting a proposal for non-compliance or institutional risk is borne by the Principal Investigator and his/her administrative support staff.


Please read the complete LBNL Guidelines for Proposal Review.  If you have any questions regarding these Guidelines, please contact your OSPIP Contracts Officer.


LBNL Frequently Needed Proposal Information

See the list of “Frequently Needed Proposal Information” for LBNL Institutional Information that may be required to complete proposals and grant applications. (It expands upon the LBNL Identity Numbers). If you do not find the institutional information you need, please contact Linda Nowell


OSPIP’s Guidelines on Responding to Sponsor’s Solicitation

It is the Principal Investigator’s responsibility to send the Solicitation to the appropriate OSPIP Contracts Officer for review and guidance before preparation of the proposal.  This includes solicitations for both Federal and Non-Federal Sponsors.  If LBNL will be a subawardee to another organization which is responding to a solicitation, a copy of the solicitation should be sent to OSPIP for review. For additional information, please consult OSPIP’s Questions and Answers.


Other LBNL Research Administration Offices and Policies:

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