SPO General Proposal Submission

Guidelines for Work for Others Proposal Review-

New, Renewal, Resubmission, Amendment, and Supplements


The Office of Sponsored Projects and Industry Partnerships (OSPIP) is the institutional organization responsible for submitting proposals and accepting awards from non-DOE sponsors. All proposals and awards for sponsored research must be processed through OSPIP. OSPIP's Contract Officers (CO) have been delegated authority from the Lab Director to submit proposals and negotiate and accept awards in accordance with UC policy.


FINAL Proposals are due to your OSPIP CO ten (10) working days before the Sponsor’s published deadline or requested submission date. This time should not include the time needed to deliver the proposal to the sponsor by the deadline.  If the OSPIP CO receives the proposal in less than 5 days from the Sponsor’s deadline, the OSPIP CO, at his/her option, will submit to the sponsor without further review.


  • If the proposal does not have a deadline, then the OSPIP CO has ten (10) working days from receipt of proposal to submit the proposal to the Sponsor.
  • If the proposal is submitted late and, if time permits, OSPIP will review and provide feedback to the Principal Investigator (PI) and designated division staff.  If OSPIP CO’s request for revision(s) are refused, the proposal will be submitted “as is” with the PI and/division’s staff response recorded in the OSPIP proposal file.
  • If the proposal is submitted with out OSPIP CO review, OSPIP will review the proposal after the deadline.  If there are unacceptable institutional risks that cannot be resolved, OSPIP will withdraw the proposal


The risk of sponsor rejecting a proposal for, non compliance or institutional risk is borne by the Principal Investigator and divisional staff.   OSPIP does not have the resources to meet continuous late proposals and can no longer devote additional OSPIP staff to review last minute proposals.


When submitting a proposal for review, include (at the minimum)**:


1. Original proposal (Updated 12/2008)

  • Draft science may be submitted with the original submission with the final science forwarded to OSPIP 5 working days before the Sponsor deadline.  The proposal may not be submitted on time if the final science is forwarded late.

2.   A copy of the signed Sponsored Projects Proposal Form (SPPF) printed from       RAPID (Updated 12/2008)

3.   Copy of the signed NEPA/CEQA Form

4.   A copy of the sponsor's guidelines (BAA, Program Announcement, Request for       Applications, etc.)

5.   Additional documentation: Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms, etc.

6.   Important Background Information, Addresses, Subcontractor contacts


Items which ARE NOT reviewed in any proposals (but must be in proposal package as required by Sponsor):


Abstract (Project Summary) References cited
Table of Contents Biographical sketches
Research Plan/Scope of Work for scientific merit or approach Pages margins, font/pitch, line spacing, characters per inch, page limitations
Current and Pending Support (Other Support) Appendix information
The detailed upload of documents and data entry into an Online Proposal Submission Portal (i.e. Grants.Gov)


Items which ARE reviewed in proposals (if required by Sponsor):


SPPF Vertebrate animals for HARC approval
Institutional eligibility to apply Subcontract  (Institutional letter of endorsement and appropriate forms)
Sponsor's cover page (if required) Letters of Support
Budget for appropriateness Certifications and Assurances
Less than Full Cost Recover Requests Award terms and conditions
Research Plan/Scope of Work for institutional risk and legal compliance Additional information required by the sponsor
Human Subjects for HARC Approval RAPID Data Entry


*Proposals for Users, CRADAs, Integrated Contractors, etc. are not Work for Others Proposals and have different review requirements that can be found on the OSPIP Website.  The OSPIP 10 day review timeframe applies to all proposals.

**Additional Guidance for specific WFO proposal types (i.e. NIH, subcontracts, etc.) can be found on the OSPIP Website. Please consult with your OSPIP CO if you have a question.