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Study Section Meeting Dates, eRA Commons Login Page, Significant Financial Interest and Travel, k99/R00 Funding Opportunity to be Reissued, Program Project (P01) Applications, Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR), Progress Report Additional Materials (PRAM), MyNCBI List Required for Progress Report, My Bibliography, Dealing with System Issues, costing of NIH-Funded Core Facilities, Sequestration/CR-related Info, FY2013 Financial Mgmt Plans for Non-competing continuations, LBNL Fastrak Bridge Funding


Training Topics

Mtg or Training Date(s)
Adminstrative Supplement Requests

NOT-OD-12-024 (Pilot Processes) (web)



NIH Supplements (pdf)


Adobe B1 Adobe B1 (NIH) NOT-OD-11-007 Updated forms.
Animal Guide

NOT-OD-12-020 (web)

Application Guide Updated Application Guides (NIH) NOT-OD-022
Updated 12/13/11
ARRA NIH Resources (web page)
'New' Multi-Program ASSIST program - Presentation Recording

NIH Notice of Award (pdf)

Sample 1 NIH Notice of Award (pdf)

Sample 2 NIH Notice of Award (pdf)

See also NIH MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)


NIH/PHS Senior/Key People Biosketches Presentation (PI)

Biosketch Modification (NIH) NOT-OD-11-045 Personal Statements
Career Development

(NIH) NOT-OD-11-027 (for both items)

Submission of Letters of Reference for Career Development (K) Applications.

New Page Limits for Career Development (K) applications

Conflict of Interest
PHS/NIH COI Changes Presentation (pdf) recording

NIH/PHS Cover Letter Presentation (PI)

NIH/PHS Cover Letter (10/14/11)

Due Dates DueDates (pdf) NOT-OD-11-023
eRA Commons

eRA Commons Oct 2009 Upgrades (ppt)

DDR Communications NOT-OD-12-108

Error Correction Window

Error Correction Window (pdf) NOT-OD-10-123

Error Correction Window Rev (pdf) by (NIH) Sheri Cummins

Error Correction Window (presentation) (recording 10:29)


Introduction to LBNL eSNAP Tutorial (pdf)(recording 2:07) (See also new (11/2012) Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) below).

LBNL eSNAP Tutorial Podcast (30 minutes) (pdf)

(eSNAP) - Electronic submission of a non-competing continuation progress report to NIH when the grant is eligible for the Streamlined Non-competing Award Process (SNAP).

Fed Financial Report (FFR) Federal Financial Reporting System (NIH) NOT-OD-11-017
Fellowships Policy Change Re Kirschstein-NRSA Fellowships (pdf) (NIH) NOT-OD-11-O47
Final Invention Stmt (FIS)

Final Invention Statement (NIH) NOT-OD-11-012 PD/PI PI/PD Verification No longer Necessary for FIS Submission.

How to verify the Final Invention Statement in eRA Commons (doc) (9-23-08)

JIT (ARRA & Non-ARRA) Just-in-Time for ARRA and non-ARRA (pdf)
Late Submission Late Policy NOT-OD-08-027

Late Submissions NOT-OD-11-035

Dog Atte My Proposal (S. Cummins - NIH OER)

Correction Window discontinued.

Legislative Mandates
Various NIH Notices

Notice of Legislative Mandates FY2008 NOT-OD-08-041

Notice of Legislative Mandates FY2009 NOT-OD-09-070

Notice of Legislative Mandates FY2010 NOT-OD-10-040

Notice of Legislative Mandates FY2011 NOT-OD-11-072

Letters of Reference

Grace period eliminated for Letters of Reference re F and K applications:

Notice of Change in Policy in Submission of Letters of Reference for Career Development (K) Applications.


Notice of Change in Policy on Submission of Letters of Reference for Kirschstein-NRSA Fellowship (F) Applications.


Letters of Support

NIH/PHS Letters of Support Presentation (pdf) (PI)

Presentation (pdf) (Staff)

NIH/PHS Letters of Support Handouts (pdf)

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) DOE/NIH Memorandum of Understanding (signed 6/18/98)
Multiple PI Multiple PI (pdf) recording
My NCBI My_NCBI_NIH_Bibliography (pdf) recording 25:17 (07/13/10)

My NCBI Tool HO-1 NOT-OD-10-103

MY NCBI How-to Steps (pdf) HO-2

MY NCBI Brochure (pdf) HO-3

See also PubMed.

Policy (Changes)

New Scientific and Grants Mgmt Policies (NIH OER) (pdf)

NOT-OD-09-149 (NIH)

NOT-OD-10-002 (NIH)

NIH Policy Notices List (website)

Post Award Prior Approvals Post Award Prior Approvals (pdf)

Post Award Prior Approvals (pdf of OSPIP web pages)

Publication Acknowledgement

NIH Publication Acknowledgement Policy (pdf) (Excerpt from 2010 NIH Grants Policy Statement. Section 8.2)

Sample NoA Acknowledgement Language (pdf)

LBNL Report Coordination FAQs (pdf)


NIH/PHS PubMed Presentation

NIH/PHS PubMed Handouts
PubMed Brochure (pdf) (full text) HO-4
Regonal Conferences (NIH)

NIH April 2010 Regional Seminar Presentations (NIH presentations)

OSPIP presentation about the conference (ppt) recording 12:18

Summary Highlights of the Conference (.doc)

Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)
RPPR Presentation (pdf) recording
Salary Cap

COGR Email re NIH Salary Cap

Salary Cap Info (LBNL) (PDF)

LBNL NIH Salary Cap Process (Pdf)

SF424 NIH Changes NIH SF424 Changes

NIH/SF424 Sharing Research Resources and Data Sharing Policy Presentation (PI)

NIH/SF424 Sharing Research Resources & Data Sharing Policy Presentation (PI) Presentation (Staff)

Extract from Data Sharing Workbook (NIH 2004)

Single Project U01's Single Project U01s (NIH) NOT-OD-11-048
Submission, Resubmission

NIH Submission Process Presentation (PI)

NIH Submission Process Handouts (PI) 12/19/08

Submissions on or after 1/25/11 (NIH) NOT-OD-11-021 Numerous changes. See also correction NOT-OD-11-023 No A2s.

Resubmission max 37 months after receipt of orig.


Flowchart of Submission Process through Grants.gov

System Issues
NIH Guidelines for dealing with System Issues


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