OSPIP Ombuds


The The Office of Sponsored Projects and Industry Partnerships (OSPIP) produces fiscal year-end reports summarizing proposal and award activity by Division and for the Berkeley Lab as a whole. From time to time, other reports may be posted that will be of interest to the Berkeley Lab community. OSPIP reports define funding as the total contract value for all sponsored research awards which include Work for Others (Federal, NIH, and Non Federal), Integrated Contractors Orders, User Agreements, Gifts and CRADAs.


A Note: The Berkeley Lab Funding Reports include proposals and awards made during a specific fiscal year period. Because sponsors sometimes award multi-year funding with one award action, or sometimes provide funding for two consecutive budget periods during one fiscal year.  When the fiscal year funding data is reviewed from year to year, the data appears to swing up and down. The significance of these data is not so much in their year-to-year comparisons but in the longitudinal growth patterns.