Welcome to the Office of Sponsored Projects and Industry Partnerships

The Office of Sponsored Projects and Industry Partnerships (OSPIP) is the institutional organization responsible for submitting proposals and accepting awards from non-DOE sponsors. All proposals and awards for sponsored research must be processed through OSPIP. The Department's Contract Officers have been delegated authority from the Lab Director to submit proposals and negotiate and accept awards in accordance with UC policy.


The OSPIP web site offers our customers information and forms for the Work for Others (WFO), Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) and User Agreements Programs at LBNL. In addition, proposal forms required for Gift acceptance and working with other DOE Laboratories can be found in this site.


The Internal Resources section is password protected and is intended only for internal use by the Office of Sponsored Research and Industry Partnerships staff.

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Post Award / Closeout Award Proposal Submission