OSPIP Awards

E-notifications for Sponsored Research Awards


Berkeley Lab's Office of Sponsored Projects and Industry Partnerships (OSPIP) has developed E-Notifications based on significant events of Sponsored Research: award expiration, closeout, and funding levels. These E-Notifications have been developed to enhance Sponsored Projects award management information for Principal Investigators, Resource Analysts, OSPIP Contracts Officers, and key people in Accounts Receivable. Once an E-notification has been sent for a specific event, it will not be sent again unless data changes in the in the RAPID system.


E-Notifications run the 10th business day of each month.


Definitions for Award Begin, End, Expiration, and Authorization Dates [Download it Now!]


E-Notifications key events are:


Costs Exceed Award Funding (Contract Value) or Occur After the Period of Performance

  • E-Notification for 25% of Funding Remaining: Between 1- 30 days after the award costs exceed 75% of total award funding (contract value) indicating only 25% or less of the funds remain and the award is approximately 120 days from the expiration date, an E-Notification will be sent to the PI, Division E-Mail List, and OSPIP so they are aware of the spending and funding position of the award and can manage accordingly.
  • E-Notification for Costs Exceed Award Funding: After the costs exceed the award funding, an E-Notification will be sent to the PI, Division E-Mail List, AR, and OSPIP that the Award is overspent and it will be closed the first day of the month after the next complete accounting period unless funding is received that places the award in a positive funding position.
  • E-Notification for Costs Exceed Funds - 30+ Days: If the award has remained in a negative funding position, an E-Notification will be PI, Division E-Mail List, AR, and OSPIP that Award and associated projects is closed and is now in the closeout phase. If the award balance becomes positive prior to Day 0 of the Close, then the Award and Project IDs will not be closed.
  • E-Notification for Award Expiration: The RAPID E-Notifications are sent 90, 60, and 30 days prior to end of the period of performance to the PI, Division E-Mail List, and OSPIP Contracts Officer.
  • E- Notification for Award Closeout: After the award expiration date, one (1) RAPID E-mail notification will be sent to the PI, Division E-Mail List, OSPIP Contracts Officer and AR that the award is in Closeout Phase. The Email will include links to closeout documents on the OSPIP Website.