Financial Management Certification Program (FMCP)


Requirements and Expectations


Check!As either a new or established career/term status employee of the Laboratory’s OCFO Field Finance Unit, each resource analyst and manager is expected to take and successfully complete a series of required financial management, supervisory management, “soft/hard” skills competency management, and environment, safety, and health courses during the employee’s first two years in his/her classification level.  In addition to the FMCP’s required courses, there is also a set of elective courses that the employee is strongly encouraged to take in order further develop and enhance one’s financial knowledge, skills, and abilities.


Within 1 month of commencing employment at the Laboratory, each new Field Finance staff member should consult with his/her supervisor to go over the FMCP curriculum so that there is a clear, explicit understanding between the employee and supervisor regarding the employee’s first two years’ training requirements and expectations. For established career/term staff members, they should formally go over the FMCP curriculum with their respective supervisor during the annual performance period review so that FMCP training expectations are clearly established and agreed upon between the employee and supervisor. The expectation is that all Field Finance staff members will achieve this certification within two years of the date of their employment or the effective date of this program, whichever is later. All required courses must be completed within this period. Courses may be waived for a particular Field Finance staff member, based on a valid or appropriate reason(s) only with the expressed approval of the Field Finance Manager.


To view the list of required and optional courses, Field Finance staff members can click on their respective job classification levels (e.g., Senior RA – 25.3) as shown on the Field Finance webpage It is the employee’s responsibility to register for and/or complete the required courses. Once an employee has successfully completed a particular FMCP course, he/she will receive course credits for them and it will then appear in the employee’s Laboratory training profile as successfully completed. In a number of instances, especially in the environment, safety, and health area, there are courses that need to be completed on a regular or periodic basis so that the Laboratory has a greater level of assurance that its employees are continuing to work in a safe and sound manner.  Employees must have all initial and refresher courses complete to maintain their certification.