Approved!As part of the Office of Chief Financial Management Officer’s (OCFO) mission to provide outstanding financial management support and technical assistance in support of the Laboratory’s scientific mission, the Financial Management Certification Program (FMCP) has been established to provide its resource analysts and managers with a formal training program to develop and further expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities.  The FMCP will serve as a strong catalyst for this business unit’s employees to pro-actively seek further training and educational opportunities both inside and outside the Laboratory that will result in a stronger, well-rounded workforce that provides an outstanding level of support to the Laboratory’s scientific and operations communities.


This program contains a set of required and elective courses in financial management, supervisory management (if applicable), “soft/hard” skills competency management, and environment, safety, and health.  The program is designed so that the Laboratory’s resource management community can obtain and maintain their formal Laboratory certifications as resource analysts and managers based on their currently designated classification levels.  Also, the FMCP is a key complementary resource to the resource analysts’ and managers’ on-the-job training and external training/educational experiences in order to fully develop and maintain their financial knowledge, skills, and abilities.