Welcome to Conference Services


Effective October 1, 2015, the DOE has new guidance/requirements for:


Conference Reporting

Formal classroom training is no longer subject to reporting. All other reporting of conferences performed today through your divisions remain the same.


Sponsorship of Conferences

Sponsorship (monetary support and/or the use of the DOE logo) of a conference now requires DOE approval. Click here for details.



Our mission is to provide professional, strategic conference planning and reporting to further scientific discovery balancing cost-effectiveness and compliance requirements. 


Conference Services provides services for those who:


  • Plan and Host Events
    We offer a suite of services to event hosts depending on the size and scope of the event. Services offered include full event planning, registration, site development/management and contract negotiation.

  • Attend Conferences
    Conference Services manages the conference reporting process required by the Department of Energy for Berkeley Lab staff who attend conferences, workshops, seminars, events and symposiums.
  • Sponsor a Conference
    Sponsorship is defined as monetary support of a conference or authorizing the use of our logo to promote a conference. Conference Services manages the sponsorship process to ensure that we have the proper DOE approvals before sponsorship can occur.  Until DOE approval is received, we cannot commit to sponsorship.


In addition to the services we provide, we ensure that event planning and conference reporting activities are consistent and compliant with Berkeley Lab and DOE policies and applicable federal regulations.


Our menu has changed. Please contact us if you have any questions.