Event Equipment Rental

Western Event Service


1970 Williams St.

San Leandro, CA 94577

Phone: 510.430.0510

Fax: 510.430.0511



Orders or Service Questions:



Western Event Service is the Lab's vendor for event rentals. Western will provide lab-wide events rental equipment including tables, chairs, linens, poster boards, tents, canopies, signs, barbecues, and more.


Small Orders:

For small orders/events with fewer than 50 people — a few chairs, tables, etc. — use this order form. You must fax or scan and email this form to Western Event Services (see address at right).


For small events using on-site catering, consider getting tables from our on-site food services vendor, Epicurean, by emailing bayviewcafe@epicurean-group.com.


On-line Order Form for Small Orders:

  • Click HERE to access the order form.
  • On the event equipment order form, provide the event name, select the items you want, the quantity, date and LOCATION OF WHERE YOU NEED DELIVERY AND SET UP.
  • You must provide a valid Project ID number or the order will not be completed.
  • You must provide a diagram (hand drawn will do) - or every specific instructions - for the Western Events set up crew. Western Events will be happy to assist with drawings if needed.
  • You must list an on-site contact and phone number (cell phone preferably) for delivery day. If not one is there when equipment is delivered, we can't guarantee that the set up will meet your expectations.
  • If delivery is outside of normal work hours, there will be overtime charges.
  • Allow a minimum of 48 hours for requested services. Rush orders will be accepted on an "as available" basis by Western Events.
  • Barbecues require a burn permit from the fire department. Call x6015 the morning of the event so they can come and inspect your set up. You will need to have a recently checked, or new fire extinguisher on hand. If you do not have one, the fire department can loan extinguishers to Lab employees only, not vendors.


Large Orders (Complex Events or Event with More than 50 People):

For a complex event, or any event set-up for more than 50 people or that has special needs, contact Western Events directly to discuss your needs and they will complete an order for your review. If you are working with LBNL Conference Services, they can manage your Western Event order on your behalf. Contact conferenceservices@lbl.gov for assistance, to report issues, or to give feedback regarding Western Events.


Large Order Guidelines:

  • Call Western Events directly, or work through Conference Services.
  • Western Events will do to-scale diagrams for all large events and tent rentals. Tent set-up on-site is subject to SJHAWA approval. Contact Mike Ruggieri at x4776 to coordinate. Western Events is very familiar with this process and may initiate the approval for you.
  • Fire Mashall approval is required for meeting set-ups with tables and chairs for more than 50 people. Western Events will have a diagram to submit in advance, and in hand when they deliver. If you are setting up equipment outside of conference rooms (like the lobby of MF), this may require additional approvals. Please see specific building manager or administrative contact.
  • Once equipment is dropped off, you are responsible. If any pieces of equipment are lost, charges will be assessed.