Welcome to Conference Services


The nature of our work keeps us away from our desks at times, but we will do our best to always respond to email and voicemail within 24 hours.


Email: ConferenceServices@lbl.gov


DOE Conference Reporting: doeconfreport@lbl.gov


Jan Hennessey, Manager

Ph: 510.486.5230
Cell: 510.717.3143

Email: JKHennessey@lbl.gov


Jacquelyn Smith

Ph: 510.486.7212

Cell: 510.672.2150
Email:  JESmith@lbl.gov


Jill Stark

Ph: 510.486.5073
Cell: 510.501.2399

Email: JSStark@lbl.gov


Conference Services Address:

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

1 Cyclotron Road, MS: 971-CONF

Berkeley, CA 94720-8047