Conference FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Lab Meetings and Conferences


  • 1. Where can I find a copy of the Events Policy?

A: In the RPM.

  • 2. How do I submit a request for event approval?

A: All events must be entered into the event approval database. Note: Only those who have completed the training can submit electronically.

  • 3. How long will it take to get approval for an event?

A: On-Site Lab Hosted Meeting approvals must be submitted to Conference Services 2 business days prior to the meeting.

  • 4. Who creates the budget?

A: The budget should be created by the Host of the meeting and the Division Resource Analyst. Conference Services can provide guidance with this process but the division is responsible for creating and monitoring the budget and revenue throughout the Conference/Meeting planning process.

  • 5.Can I use the lab tax exempt status for my meeting/conference expenses?

A: No, the lab tax exempt status applies to physical property that the federal government takes control of or is re-sold to the government. It does not apply to meetings and conference expenses.

  • 6. What are allowable and unallowable budget items?

For the complete list of allowable and unallowable budget items, click HERE.

  • 7. What is a BZ Project?

A: “BZ” Project: Allowable and/or Unallowable project(s) are established for Laboratory-hosted and/or co-sponsored conferences. The projects are used to collect registration fees and other external funds, and to pay invoices for conference costs through the non-DOE Conference Bank account. The Overheads (also described as Burden or Taxes) are applied to Travel, Procurement Costs, and Conference/Meeting expenses (Resource Category 13000).

  • 8. Can I sign a hotel or vendor contract?

A: No, only conference planners can sign contracts. This includes contracts for Hotels, AV, Meeting Space, Catering, Special Event Venues, etc.

  • 9. Can we serve alcohol at our event on LBNL property?

A: At this time, no alcohol may be served on LBNL property until further notice. 

  • 10. How do I request Lab Bus Service?

A: Arrangements for shuttle transportation for special visits, tours, or group travel may be made through Bus Services.
Phone: 510-486-4165