Reimburseable Work Funding and Cost Report
(737 Report)


Description and Accessing


Purpose: The Reimbursable Work Funding and Cost Report (a.k.a. 737 Report) is the Laboratory's primary financial status report for all Sponsored Research* or Work for Others (WFO)** projects.


Access: The report is published each month by Contracts Accounting. It is generally available by the third day of the month following the accounting close. Contracts Accounting sends an email notification to those on distribution for the report (budget staff, resource analysts, and others in the OCFO), letting them know that the report is available and how to access it.


To access the report:

  • From the G: drive (Fsdata on ISSNOV10): Public\WFO_FUNDING_COST_RPT\FY09
  • Those without access to the G drive: Start/Run/ When you get the “Open” box, type \\ISSNOV10\FSDATA\Public\WFO_FUNDING_COST_RPT\FY09


*Sponsored Research: Any research that receives funding from sources other than from the DOE.


**Work For Others: A Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored, full-cost reimbursable research and technical assistance program. The WFO program provides assistance to other federal agencies (OFA) as part of the services rendered to-and-for U.S. government activities under various laws and regulations; principally, the Economy Act and the Atomic Energy Act of 1954. Full-cost reimbursable assistance is also provided for activities that are not associated with the U.S. federal government. This work activity includes participating in joint or cooperative research, developmental, or experimental projects.