OCFO-HR Timekeeping

Timekeeping Process for Assuring 100% Compliance for OCFO




100% Compliance on a monthly basis for employees




Hourly employees input their time weekly and at the end of the month.
Monthly employees input their time once a month (required three business days prior to the end of the month)


At the end of the reporting period (check LetsLite for sweep dates) either weekly or monthly supervisors (approvers) must approve the time of their employees using LetsLite


If the supervisor of record is not available, then their back-up approver will approve the time (Back up approvers are set up in the system by the Timekeeper. Senior Managers may use the Business Manager as their back-up. Senior Managers should ensure that all their supervisors also have a back-up approver). All Supervisors should alert their back-up approvers ahead of time to let them know they will be responsible for approving time and advise them if there are any unusual timecards that need review.


After the system “sweeps”, signature required reports are automatically issued by LETS for time that was not released, approved, changed (by an approver/timekeeper), or is “late” or “corrected” time. If you receive an Employee Signature required report, please print the report, review it for validity, sign it and mail it to your timekeeper. After a sweep there is a two week window to make corrections and/or approve time with a paper signature approval process.


Timekeeper:  Linda Brown x6545
Back-up Timekeeper:  Eva McNeil x4546
System Back-up Timekeeper:  Nancy Lee x5133 (Payroll)


The timekeeper will send delinquent approvers and inputters an electronic notice to PRINT OUT the signature required report and manually approve it and return to her.


One week prior to the deadline of receiving all signature required reports (usually the 15th of the month), the timekeeper will send a second notice WITH A COPY TO THE BUSINESS MANAGER, asking for the hard copy signed timecard.

If the final request is not received within 48 hours the Business Manager will make a personal call to the employee and/or approver to obtain the hard copy signed time card.


By the 15th of every month, the OCFO will be at 100% compliance for timekeeping.


CFO Expection


100% employee time entry and 100% supervisor approval every time period.