OCFO-HR Recruiting

The Recruiting Process


Step # 1 – Review the detailed, step-by-step hiring process for OCFO managers:


Step # 2 –  A Job Opening Request Form is filled out. The Job Opening Request Form gives information about the job, such as position type (new or replacement), appointment type [Career, Term (has end date max of 3 years), Limited (can work no more that 900 hrs in a 1 year position) or Rehired Retiree); full time or part time, HEERA Status (Supervisory or Non-supervisory position) and other necessary information. Needs supervisor and dept head approvals.  A job description must be attached. It is then routed to the OCFO/HR representative.


  1. Job Opening Request Form


Step #3 – A position description can be obtained from HR, if needed, and reviewed and updated, or the hiring manager can write a new one.  The position description must be attached to the Job Opening Request form and sent electronically to OCFO/HR. 


  1. Position Description Template


Step #4 –A job requisition is prepared by HR and routed for signatures.  An email is sent to the Hiring Manager.  It is reviewed for edits and then posted on the web.


A recruitment action plan meeting is then scheduled by HR or a department administrator.  The plan is developed to determine if phone interviews are necessary and who will conduct them, how the flow of resumes will be handled, how non-selected applicants will be notified, and other activities related to the hiring process are discussed.  The plan is revised as necessary throughout the process.


  1. Recruiting Plan Template


This RPM explains the LBNL policy for publicizing job vacancies and posting vacancies including those that are to be filled by a person scheduled for layoff, recall, preferential rehire status from layoff or who have become handicapped and receive vocational rehabilitation services.


  1. RPM 2.01(B) (3) Job Vacancies


Step #5 –

  • An interview committee is formed and interview questions are formulated, reviewed and finalized by the hiring manager.  If the job is at a level .5 professional, or any management level, divisional representation on the interview committee is required.
  • When candidates for interviews are determined, the department administrator will send them the DOE FACTS Questionnaire and application to non-Lab candidates to complete.
  • The department administrator will forward the DOE FACTS Questionnaire and application from outside candidates to HR for review PRIOR to arranging an interview.
  • An interview is scheduled by the department administrator.
  • DOE FACTS Questionnaire
  • Employment Application


Step #6 – A reference check is conducted on the potential candidate(s).


    • The hiring manager must conduct at least two reference checks themselves.
    • The hiring manager’s manager must conduct one of the reference checks.


Step #7 – The Offer Request Form, application, resume, DOE Facts questionnaire and reference checks will form the Hire packet.  The Job Requisition/Hire packet is routed for supervisor and department head approval and then the packet goes to the Business Manager for review.


Step #8 – A salary is determined by using the current salary offer worksheet, obtained from HR. HR works with the hiring manager to determine offer taking into consideration the candidate’s current salary, the MRZ/MRP of the position and equity issues with existing LBNL employees in that job classification.  Also taken into consideration is the fact that if the candidate’s start date is after APRIL 1st, no merit increase will be given on October 1st so that increase needs to be considered in the final offer.




All hires are approved by the CFO (Jeffrey Fernandez) or his designees, either the Business Manager or the Operations Manager.


  1. Setting Salaries


Step #9 – If candidate accepts offer, a start date is determined.  The candidate is hired in the HR database and assigned an ID number.  HR will activate new employee at least 2 weeks from start date in order to allow time to request computer accounts, phone, keys, etc.  Hiring manager should use the New Hire Checklist to keep track of the necessary steps in the process.  On page 2 of the New Hire Checklist, is the checklist for an internal employee who is leaving the OCFO for another division within the Lab.


  1. New Hire Checklist