Welcome to Human Resources for the OCFO

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Welcome to Human Resources for the OCFO.


OCFO Human Capital Strategic Plan


The OCFO Human Capital Strategic Plan sets forth the human capital strategies that we intend to take over the next five years to ensure that the OCFO has the workforce it needs to carry out its mission in an efficient, effective, and productive manner. The Executive Summary was prepared by several members of the senior staff with input and guidance from subject matter experts in the Human Resources Department, and in collaboration with the Head of the Berkeley Lab Institute.


This Plan has been developed as a companion to our Strategic Plan and links our human capital planning to our strategic initiatives and management objectives. It emphasizes the importance of human capital management to the successful accomplishment of our mission.

In every organization, people are the most valuable resource. This is especially true in the OCFO, which is fortunate to have a seasoned, dedicated, and professional workforce that is customer-service oriented.


This Plan will provide the strong human capital leadership and direction that will allow OCFO to invest wisely and effectively in people management strategies. We will assess our current human capital capabilities, look candidly at our strengths and weaknesses, and focus
on setting clear direction to strengthen it.


[Download the OCFO Human Capital Strategic Plan Here]