OCFO-HR Contact Labor


From: Guidelines for the Use of Supplemental Labor Personnel


In general, contract labor personnel may be justified for filling Laboratory operational needs, especially those associated with:


  • A vacation, leave, or an extended illness
  • Periodic short-term increases in workload beyond the resources of regular staff,
  • A special project for which available staff lacks time, skills, or both.

Contract labor personnel should not be allowed to provide services to the Laboratory for more than 12 consecutive months or 12 cumulative months out of 36 months.


Contract labor personnel should not be retained for assignments which are designated positions under the UC Conflict of Interest Code without prior discussion with the Head, Human Resources, or designee. For the OCFO, such positions are:


  • Subcontracts Administrator/Manager
  • Distributed Purchasing Team Leader/Manager
  • Contracts Officer/Manager
  • Deputy Procurement Manager
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Controller
  • Chief Financial Officer

Steps for obtaining Contract Labor:


  1. Supervisor/Manager identifies need
  2. Supervisor/Manager obtains approval from Department Head and CFO
  3. Supervisor/Manager sends email to HR Services Center at HRServices@lbl.gov to initiate process
  4. HR Services Center assists supervisor/manager complete Contract Labor Information Form (CLIF)
  5. HR Services Center works with Staffing Agency
  6. Supervisor/Manager receives and reviews resumes
  7. Supervisor/Manager informs HR Services Center of final selection
  8. HR Services Center coordinates start date, activates contract laborer in HRIS, prepares Purchase Order
  9. HR Services Center meets with contract worker on first day and directs contract worker to work location


Steps for extending or terminating Contract Labor:


  1. Supervisor/Manager sends email to HR Services Center at HRServices@lbl.gov