OCFO-HR Affiliate Processing

Affiliate Processing

Affiliates are non-Laboratory employees who are engaged in Laboratory activities on-site and who need:

  • LBNL ID Badge and access to the Lab
  • JHA and required training
  • LDAP


New/Returning Affiliates:

Following are the steps for processing a new/returning Affiliate:

  1. Obtain approval from the appropriate Department Head
  2. To initiate an Affiliate request the Host/Designee uses the Affiliate Initiation Web Form using LDAP
  3. Once the Host/Designee and Affiliate complete their portion of the ARF, the Affiliate Specialist handles the remaining details of the appointment:
  • Send a confirmation email and signature forms to the Affiliate with a cc to Host/Designee
  • Request email and computer accounts prior to arrival
  • Schedule and conduct the start appointment
  • Ensure that the JHA is initiated and GERT is completed
  • Handle extensions and terminations, including collection of badges, keys, and parking permits.


  1. Hosts and Affiliates will receive system generated notifications of upcoming appointment end dates at 60, 30, 15, and 1 day before the end of the Affiliate appointment. NOTE: Designees will not be cc’d on these emails.
  2. To extend or terminate the Affiliate appointment, the Host sends an email to
  3. Upon receipt of the Host email, the Affiliate Specialist will process the extension or


For more information visit the Affiliate Processing website.