Recruitment and Hiring

Waiver of Posting


Recruitment for career and term positions will be waived under special and unique circumstances. The Division Director or designee initiates a written request through the HR Center who will review the request for conformance with employment policy. Waiver requests must be approved by the Head of Human Resources.


Following are categories under which a Waiver of Recruitment may be applicable to the OCFO.


Business Necessity


The candidate possesses unique skills, knowledge, and abilities that cannot be learned in a reasonable orientation period and would have a serious negative impact on the division/department.


Diverse Applicant Pool


A division/department has recently conducted a full search which yielded a qualified, diverse applicant pool for a position in the same job title or reopened a position within a 90-day period.


Example:  In the above case, a supervisor can avoid going through a recruitment process for a new vacancy if a recent similar recruitment has recently taken place AND had a good applicant pool. If they write a waiver they will not have to post, interview, etc.