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Out of Class Assignment (OCA) / Temporary Division Increase (TDI)


An Out of Class Assignment (OCA) occurs when an employee is temporarily assigned responsibilities of a higher-level position or other significant duties on a full-time basis.


A Temporary Division Increase (TDI) occurs when an employee is assigned significant critical duties beyond their normal full-time responsibilities. Assignment must be at least 3 months long. TDI’s require approval from the COO. HR will obtain approval.


During an OCA or TDI employees can be paid an administrative (non-base building) stipend up to 15% of the appointee’s annual base salary for a period not to exceed two years.


Steps for initiating an OCA/TDI:

  • Obtain prior approval from Department Head and CFO
  • Send email to the Sr. HR Division Partner requesting an ePAF. Include the following information:
    • Name of employee
    • Effective date of assignment
    • Duration of assignment
    • Whether assignment is an OCA or TDI
    • For OCA: new job code
    • Dollar or percentage increase
    • Brief justification
    • Position Description for temporary assignment (optional)
  • After Compensation approves the ePAF, HR will prepare a letter for the supervisor to give to employee