OCFO Environment, Health, and Safety Contacts



Employee Emergency Status:


x7911 or 9-911
(cell: 911)


OCFO Safety Coordinator:

Betsy Reyes
Ph: 510.486.5071
Email: EAReyes@lbl.gov
Mailstop: 971-CFO

OCFO Ergonomics Advocates:

Ergonomics Contacts:


EHS Division Liaison:

Ira Janowitz x6071

Building Emergency Team Leads(BET)

Lead: Phillip Weiss, x7873
Assistant Lead: Linda Brown, x6545
Assistant Lead: Lee Haynes, x6694
Assistant Lead: Cynthia Sylvester, x5938

Cyber Security Emergency Contacts:

Jay Krous x2522
510-840-2248 (pager)
707-315-7629 (cell)

Denise Sumikawa x5519
925-321-0533 (cell)
925-449-0388 (home)

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