Annual Report

OCFO Annual Report 2013FY2013 presented Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) with an array of financial challenges. At the federal budget level, Continuing Resolutions and sequestration meant that the Lab operated for most of the year with incomplete funding information. This funding uncertainty, combined with the need to manage costs carefully, made planning for research, operations and key initiatives more complex. The Lab employed a dual strategy, applying targeted cost management approaches to sustain research and core operations, while funding essential strategic initiatives to expand research programs and strengthen facilities and support to the Lab’s scientific mission. By year-end FY2013, LBNL received a total of $793 million in new funding, a six percent increase over FY2012 funding. Total spending was $819 million, level with FY2012 spending. To read more, download the FY2013 Annual Report >>


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