A Reminder from Our Friends
in Conference Services

DOE Conference Reporting:

Please Note: Due to new DOE conference reporting requirements, no costs should be incurred nor any commitments made for travel to conferences, until approval to proceed is obtained from DOE, or until notification that DOE approval is not required. Pre-paying registration fees, booking non-refundable airfare, hotels, etc., without conferring with Conference Services to determine DOE approval may result in non-reimbursable costs to travelers. To find out whether a conference is DOE approved, or does not require DOE approval, please see the Conference Services website and/or email DOEconfreport@lbl.gov.

New DOE Requirement for Foreign Trips with Vacation Time

The following DOE requirement is now in effect for all trips approved on or after August 1, 2012: Any foreign travel request that includes vacation time must comply with a 2:1 ratio. Travelers are permitted to take one vacation day for every two days of official business conducted. The first and last day of travel are considered one business day each.

and Personal Travel

A Friendly Reminder…

As of July 2012, LBNL official business travel that includes a personal stop/destination or personal time cannot be booked/ticketed through Cliqbook/Concur.

Travelers may call a Carlson Wagonlit Travel agent directly at 1-888-243-1125 to book LBNL official business travel that includes personal time.

Foreign National Passport Holder and UC Worldcue/IJet (ACE) Insurance Program

Certain country consulates do not accept the UC "ACE" insurance card that is emailed to the traveler after the issuance of a Carlson Travel air ticket.

LBNL Foreign passport holders that are required to provide "proof of ACE insurance" on UC Berkeley letterhead in order to acquire a Visa when traveling to a foreign destination should contact Shaudreya Waterman at UCOP (510-987-9827). Please send her an email describing the nature of your request similar to the example provided below:

Email Subject Line: Proof of Insurance UCB letterhead
Dates of travel:
Reason for the letter: Need proof of insurance on UCB letterhead
Required by: (i.e. the German Consulate for Visa purpose)
Requirements: (i.e. confirmation letter from your health insurance stating coverage for emergency medical, hospitalization and repatriation with a minimum of  30,000 Euros (equiv. US $50,000) for trips outside the US.)

Ground Transportation Update

Truck Rental Preferred Rate Agreement:

More travelers are in need of the ability to rent larger vehicles for official business travel. This may be necessary for circumstances such as the transport of fragile or large pieces of equipment to experimental sites. As a UC/DOE laboratory, LBNL has obtained UC preferred truck rental rates with Enterprise Rental Car Company.

The vehicle classes available through Enterprise range from a 3/4 ton pickup to a 26 foot box truck. The new rate agreement with Enterprise includes liability insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). These vehicles can only be booked directly with a Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) agent and are not available through Cliqbook/Concur.

Travel Office Welcomes New Manager

Victoria Oberholser, Travel ManagerThe OCFO would like to welcome Victoria Oberholser to the Laboratory as our new Travel Manager. Welcome Victoria!

The Travel Office

  • Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Travel Office Hotline: 510-486-4500
  • TREX: 510-486-7049
  • Travel Manager: Victoria Oberholser
  • Staff: Sonya Crawford, Quanita Johnson-Benjamin, Michelle McCan, Maxine Redfearn-Naphan, Klara Sebek, Cynthia Thomas, Elijah Walker 

For travel related questions, please email us at: travelhelp@lbl.gov.