Travel Policy Update

Prepaid Expenses

Hotel and Event Registration Fees:
  • Travelers are expected to pay the vendor directly and request reimbursement through the expense report process. Reimbursement may be obtained in advance on a pre-payment expense report; or, reimbursement can be requested at the conclusion of the trip when other travel related costs are submitted.
  • Laboratory checks to vendors, via the Request for Issuance of Check (RFIC) process, are available on an exception basis.
  • Note: Conference registration fee reimbursement may only be requested if the conference has been approved by DOE.

See the Travel Policy, Section 7, Paragraph b.

Corporate Travel Charge Cards:

The Laboratory offers a corporate US Bank Visa card to employees who travel at least once a year. The card is to be used for expenses associated with official travel such as hotels, meals, miscellaneous expenses and registration fees.  Cards are issued at no cost to the traveler and with no individual credit check.

An advantage of obtaining a Corporate Travel Card is your reimbursement can go directly from your TREX expense report to your US Bank account as an electronic transfer.  

Once your application form is completed, the application must be approved by the traveler's supervisor and faxed to the Travel Office at 510-486-6888.

The Travel Office

  • Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Travel Office Hotline: 510-486-4500
  • TREX: 510-486-7049
  • Travel Manager: Victoria Oberholser
  • Staff: Sonya Crawford, Quanita Johnson-Benjamin, Michelle McCan, Maxine Redfearn-Naphan, Klara Sebek, Cynthia Thomas, Elijah Walker 

For travel related questions, please email us at: