Signature Authority Guidelines

LBNL Signature Authority Guidelines for Operational Transactions


Required Training for New Signatories:

Each employee requesting signature authority in the Signature Authorization System (SAS) database is required to complete the OCFO online Signature Authority Training course HERE.


Delegation of Signature Authority Form:

All requests for signature authority for Laboratory employees in the Signature Authorization System (SAS) database are required to complete the "Delegation of Signature Authority Form". Download the 2-part form by clicking HERE.


Signature Authorization System (SAS) Database in BRS:

The Authorized Signers List can be found in the BLIS Reporting System (BRS) in the purchasing folder.You will need your LDAP username and password to access this database. Access the BLIS Reporting System (BRS) by clicking HERE.

See the Signature Authority for Financial Transactions Policy for more information.


Please direct any comments or questions to The Controller’s Office.