July 2007 - Summer Edition


- New Developments -

Welcome New Employees!

Since January, the OCFO has hired 18 new employees. Find out who they are HERE >>

Small Business Office
Helps Lab Meet its Goals

Small Business Office Helps Lab Meet GoalsDid you know that the Lab has a Small Business Office in Procurement? Did you know that they help the Lab meet its goals for doing business with small businesses?

Overall this year, the Lab has exceeded its Small Business goals. However we still need to increase our numbers in the following categories:

- Woman-owned Business
- Hubzone
- Disabled Veteran-owned

How is the Small Business and Supplier Management Program Office helping you to help the Lab reach its goals? An In-reach Supplier Directory has been launched which captures and supports the Small Business community.  Contract Administrators and the Technical end-users can access the database as a market research tool for sourcing. The directory contains a complete profile of all Small Businesses (with the companies' pertinent information) that are interested in doing business with Berkeley Lab. The Directory currently resides under "Helpful Links" on the Procurement web site.

For more information please contact Hanh Le or visit the new Procurement web site.

To learn about more new developments in the OCFO, read on (pdf) >>

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- From the Desk of the CFO -

Jeffrey Fernandez, CFODear CFO Community:

The senior leadership of the OCFO spent two days in June at a strategic planning meeting. I'd like to tell you a little bit about it, and some of the results. We essentially accomplished what we set out to do, although there are many final touches that we need to complete in the weeks and months ahead. It is my view, and this is shared by the leadership team, that it was a very productive meeting, and allowed this relatively new management team time to focus on the most critical issues and opportunities facing all of us now and in the years ahead. So, what we did was,

1) Update the strategic plan from 2005
2) Develop a vision for the OCFO
3) Develop a set of operating principles/values.
4) Focused on such issues as better ways to support science, workforce/workload and OCFO communication, business processes, and systems support.

We also spent a lot of time discussing ideas about how all of us in the OCFO could better mutually support one another. We are all here to support the science of the Lab, and all of our efforts should be focused in this outward direction. This is sometimes easy to forget in the pressures of the day.

I am very excited about the next phase of our mutual endeavors, and discussing this more with you in the near future. Thanks.


OCFO Vision and Values

Our Vision

To enable scientific discovery, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer will provide leadership, excellent services, and responsive solutions to its Laboratory partners.

Our Values

• Be safe and encourage others to be safe.
• Treat every person with whom we come in to contact with respect and dignity.
• Deal with our valued customers as if they could chose to find another source for our services. Prove to them that given the choice, they would come to us first.
• Demonstrate by our actions the way we want the entire OCFO to operate.
• Take full responsibility for the quality of the OCFO’s performance by making things better.
• We will accept full ownership and follow through with all customer inquires.
• Give each other open, direct, and timely feedback on what we want from each other.
• Teamwork should prevail, think “we”, not “I”.
• Our job is to make others successful.
• Recognize achievement and celebrate success.

- Welcome to Summer! -

CFO Summer Picnic

Hawaiian T-shirtOn June 13th, the OCFO held a "start your summer" picnic with a theme of eco-tourism. A scrumptious BBQ, served by caterer Tim Martin, was the hit of the picnic. Everyone enjoyed tri-tip, chicken, hot links, hamburgers, salads, fruit and homemade cookies. With a prize for the best vacation T-shirt or hat, lots of staff came in their best summer gear. The winner of the prize was Field Ops' Grace Miller ,who looked resplendent in her Hawaiian attire, right down to the gardenia in her hair. Everyone got to know each other a little better by playing "Get Personal Bingo". What fun seeing everyone running around asking people they knew...and didn't... little tidbits about themselves in order to fill their bingo cards. All winning cards were then placed in a big basket and little Jesse Fernandez (Jeffrey's 4 year old son) reached in and picked the winner, who happened to be David Chen of Procurement. Mother Nature smiled down on us as well gracing us with lots of sunshine and warmth and Padre site at Tilden was as beautiful as a summer day. A good time was had by all and lots of enthusiasm for doing it again next year.

View photos of this event HERE.

Hope you all can make it next year!

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