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Dear OCFO Community:

First let me extend my heartfelt wishes for a happy, prosperous and SAFE New Year to all!  It hardly seems possible that another year has passed. Together we have accomplished so much in three short years and I look forward to 2007 as another year of accomplishment and change.

More, now than ever, the old addage "the only thing constant is change" is so true.  We ended 2006 with the departure of our Controller and our Disbursements Manager, and until the positions are filled, Minh Agon Huebner is assuming the role of Acting Controller and Sallie Frainier is assuming the duties of Acting Disbursement Manager as well as Acting Deputy Controller. Anne Moore has assumed the duties of Acting Budget Officer, and Kimmy Cheung is our Acting Accounts Receivable Manager.  I plan on having these open positions filled within the first three months of this calendar year so that we can be operationally "whole" again.

There have also been changes in our Travel Department.  I'm sure everyone will agree that Travel is one of the OCFO's most visible and widely used services provided to the Lab population.  In order to help the OCFO achieve our goal of providing a "hassle-free" travel experience, I commissioned a team, led by Carla Garbis, to develop a new business model for how we deliver travel services to the Lab. The team had several good recommendations, which we will be implementing in the near future. Effective immediately, travel vouchering will now report to Disbursements under Acting Disbursements Manager, Sallie Frainier, aligning an accounting function with Accounting.  The operational aspects of Travel, i.e. conference planning, foreign travel, policy, relocations and agency relationships, will now report to Anil More, Operations Manager.  Additionally, the fuctions of the Travel & Conference Manager position are being eliminated.

With the departure of Joy Kono to the ALS, Jill Stark has accepted the position of Senior Conference Planner. Under Anil's direction, we will be reviewing the entire travel organization, including systems, to see how we can streamline processes and procedures to achieve efficiencies and eliminate redundancies.





Another change that I plan to make is to discontinue my "breakfasts with the CFO" and try something different. So for 2007 I am going to have "skip-level" meetings" which means that I will come to each unit in the OCFO and meet with the employees without the supervisors present so that I can hear what's on your minds.  I hope these will be interesting, productive exchanges that allow all employees to give me their open and honest feedback, concerns, ideas, etc.  Look for these on your calendars as the year progresses.

As we continue to review all processes and procedures in the OCFO with fresh eyes to look for better and more efficient methods of doing our work, and put in place further modules of the Supply Chain Initiative, I'm sure there will be more changes.

I  am excited about the  possibilities that each new year brings and look forward to working with each of you to make 2007 our best year yet!



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