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Berkeley Lab: old Mac utility webmap and

An old Mac utility for making the map of coordinates
used with imagemaps is WebMap

Typical output from WebMap:

# Created by WebMap 1.0.1
# Monday, July 3, 1995 at 3:32 PM
# Format: NCSA
# 1: Search
# 2: Home
# 3: Questions & Comments:
poly 158,36 14,37 8,33 3,29 1,19 4,8 13,0 157,0 158,36 rect 159,0 288,37 poly 289,36 461,36 472,27 474,16 468,4 457,0 290,0 289,36

That is, the output is just a plain text file.

So, given a map file like the one shown above whose URL (minus server name, i.e., minus is /imagemaps/menu-linemap,
here's how you'd invoke the imagemap:

<A HREF="/cgi-bin/imagemap_new/images/imagemaps/"> <img src="/images/PID/menu-line.gif" ISMAP border=0></A> </CENTER>

You replace "images/imagemaps/" with the UNIX pathname of your map file. If your map file called "" is in your public_html directory, and your username is web_writer, use

<A HREF="/cgi-bin/imagemap_new/~web_writer/">

is the GIF image that you've mapped via WebMap.

And you really do need imagemap_new; imagemap is an older version that needs another configuration file.

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