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APIs for Online Energy Saving Tools: Home Energy Saver and EnergyIQ
CR-2690, 2892




Berkeley Lab is offering direct access to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for two popular, proven energy saving online tools: Home Energy Saver and EnergyIQ. The APIs allow software developers to access the algorithms and underlying data for Home Energy Saver and EnergyIQ and to use them for the development of customized web interfaces or other services.

Home Energy Saver (for homeowners) (for energy auditors, inspectors, contractors)

Home Energy Saver is a web-based residential calculator that provides customized estimates of energy use, energy bills and CO2 emissions based on the user’s location and home construction. Energy use for heating and cooling equipment as well as appliances, lighting and other equipment is estimated using engineering models developed at Berkeley Lab. Energy bills are calculated using either average energy price data or actual utility tariffs. The software also includes extensive default values if the user chooses to answer a minimum number of input questions.

Licensing the APIs for Home Energy Saver enables web developers to create a customized interface and presentation that can, for example, collect and save home description information from customers, perform asset ratings, generate summary and drill down reports, and save / recall individual user sessions.

To evaluate the APIs for Home Energy Saver, click here.


EnergyIQ is a web-based benchmarking tool used by energy managers, building owners, architects and engineers seeking to improve energy efficiency, save money and reduce carbon emissions in non-residential buildings.

The software offers a wide array of benchmark metrics—energy, costs, greenhouse gas emissions and other characteristics such as building components or operational strategies. The tool can compare the user’s building to its peers at one point in time as well as track the performance of an individual building or enterprise portfolio over time. A decision support module provides information on best practices, links to other energy analysis tools and helps users refine action plans and implement improvements.

To evaluate the APIs for EnergyIQ, click here.

STATUS: Available for licensing. For more information or to initiate licensing either the Home Energy Saver or EnergyIQ API, e-mail


EnergyPlus: Energy Simulation Software for Buildings, CR-2118


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