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Partnership Opportunity: Neutron Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer


Treatment for prostate cancer, breast cancer, possibly other early stage, concentrated cancers


Berkeley Lab is seeking a qualified partner(s) to work with us in a collaborative effort to develop and test the feasibility a novel neutron point source for the treatment of human prostate cancer. The neutron point source application would be further refined from a recently developed Berkeley Lab compact neutron tube source. The collaboration would include fabrication of a mini neutron tube and complete proof of principle testing of the point source with neutron exposures of cultured human prostate cell lines, representing variable degrees of radioresistance, to confirm the efficacy of the concept. Successful completion of this collaboration will lead to a unique neutron point-source applicator that will take advantage of the favorable high biological effectiveness of neutrons in treating prostate cancer, while minimizing the disappointing normal tissue toxicities associated with a broad-beam neutron source. Preclinical safety testing in animals could follow the completion of this work.


The benefits of such an approach include:

Schedule, Cost, and Contract:

We visualize a 12 to 15 month schedule and a total Berkeley Lab cost not to exceed $150 K. Ka-Ngo Leung and his team including Eleanor Blakely would lead the Berkeley Lab effort. Intellectual property benefits are applicable.

Partnering Mission:

Berkeley Lab is a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory managed by the University of California. Our mission includes partnering with industry to commercialize our inventions.


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