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Tech Transfer
This new task lighting system improves the lighting at individual mail sorting stations, and reduces lighting energy costs by 70 percent. This involves modifying the task lighting at individual stations, the ambient (overhead) lighting, and the lighting controls. (The Rodeo Post Office Lighting Project is a recipient of the 2000 Federal Energy and Water Management Award.)

Scientific Breakthroughs with Practical Application

Hey Mister Postman, Look and See …

One day, U.S. Post Offices across the country will have lighting systems pioneered by Berkeley Lab. The prototypical fixture developed at the Lab and tested at the Rodeo, California, Post Office reduces energy, provides better lighting for multitasks in the home and office, and saves money.

The system was designed by Michael Siminovitch, who heads the Lab’s energy-efficient fixtures laboratory, and Jeff Mitchell, Erik Page, Kevin Gauna and Doug Avery. Says Siminovitch, "The system we developed for the Postal Service is designed specifically for letter sorting stations, but this kind of integrated lighting approach can be applied in other business and industrial work environments."

Initial response to the lighting fixtures has been positive, and the Postal Service expects to install the new lighting technology in sorting facilities throughout the United States.


Last updated: 09/17/2009