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Tech Transfer

Protecting Software Development

If you think you might want to distribute your software outside of the Lab even if you only plan to share the software with other academic institutions, please contact us

How to Report:  Complete the Software Disclosure and Abstract form.

When to Report:  Generally, software should be reported when it is complete or as soon thereafter as possible. Software must be reported before you can distribute it to anyone outside of the Lab or DOE. If you wish to distribute the software immediately upon completion, we suggest you provide the Tech Transfer Department with an advance copy of a Software Disclosure and Abstract form two months adead of time so any issues can be resolved in a timely fashion.

Guidelines When Writing Code: Try to avoid inserting code that was written outside of the Lab, such as freeware, open source code, shareware, and especially, commercial packages. Using non-LBNL code in your software without written permission to do so may make it difficult or impossible to distribute your software outside the Lab. 

If your project does require that you incorporate third party software, be sure to document where you obtained the code and what legal terms apply to its use, e.g. download and keep a copy of the software license. You should also keep records of the individuals who contributed work on the code and what funding supported its development.


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Last updated: 09/17/2009