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chemistry, cleantech, bioenergy, environmental remediation, physical biosciences, geothermal energy, scintillating materials
batteries, oil exploration, fuel cells, thin film deposition, gamma and neutron generators, materials
physics, material science, nanotechnology, photovoltaics, electronic and photonic devices, NMR and MRI, optics, computing sciences
biotechnology, life sciences, physical biosciences, genomics, nanotechnology


To file a complaint or provide feedback on the work we do, please contact our Ombudsman. For licensing inquiries, please fill out our online Technology Licensing form or send e-mail to To receive customized email alerts about Berkeley Lab technologies, please complete our Tech Alerts form.

For any General Law matters handled by Patent Attorneys, work is under direction of Lab Counsel.

For general inquiries sent through the U.S. Postal Service, write to:

Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management Department
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
One Cyclotron Road, MS 56A0120
Berkeley, CA 94720

Last updated: 07/16/2014