"In August 1931, Ernest O. Lawrence acquired a
disused civil engineering laboratory on the Berkeley campus of the University of
California to house his first large cyclotron. This old wooden
building and its successors became the citadel of the cyclotroneers:
their places of initiation into the new art, their armory of high energy,
the command post of their missions."

--LBL Newsmagazine, Fall 1981

Ernest O. Lawrence, Nobel Laureate and founder of Berkeley Lab,
 is said to be the father of "Big Science."  This
publication, which describes the momentous and historic Lawrence years
here,  could be said to be a product of "Big Publishing."   Originally
published by the Lab's Public Information Department in 1981 upon the
50th Anniversary of the Lab, the Web edition represents a state-of-the-art 
demonstration project that combines the contributions of writers,
historians, webmasters, and computer scientists. These richly illustrated
files derive their photographs and elements of their formatting from the
Lab's Image Library, an online image collection that is being developed
by the Lab's Imaging and Distributed Computing Group. 

1981 Newsmagazine Publication
WRITER/HISTORIANS J. L. Heilbron, Robert W. Seidel, Bruce R. Wheaton
EDITOR Judith Goldhaber

1996 Web Publication

HEAD, IMAGING GROUP William E. Johnston
WEB DESIGN Mike Wooldridge, Jeffery Kahn
WEB IMAGING Bryan Frane, Mary Thompson

Preface to the 1981 Publication