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Emergency Status Line
Berkeley Lab Pandemic Flu Information Site

A pandemic is a global disease outbreak. It is determined by how the disease spreads not how many deaths it causes.

When a new influenza flu emerges, a flu pandemic can occur. Because the virus is new, the human population has little to no immunity against it. The virus spreads quickly from person-to-person worldwide.

The United States is not currently experiencing a flu pandemic. If a pandemic occurs, the federal government will work to identify the cause and create a vaccine. will provide updates on the steps the federal government is taking to address the pandemic.

Berkeley Lab Pandemic Response

To coordinate LBNL’s response to a pandemic, LBNL has established a Pandemic Planning Response Team comprised of representatives from Health Services, Environment Health and Safety, Human Resources, Office of the CFO, and Public Affairs. The Pandemic Planning Response team plans are also coordinated with the City of Berkeley and Alameda County health officials in order to provide an integrated response in the event that a flu pandemic should impact the Bay Area. As information about the pandemic becomes available, LBNL will communicate its plans to employees through LBNL’s Emergency Status Announcement number – 1-800-445-5830 and various venues, including Today at Berkeley Lab, the OurSafety website, and this webpage.

Lab Pandemic Preparedness Activities

LBNL is currently updating the LBNL Infectious Disease and Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan which spells out the steps that will be taken should a pandemic affectoperations at LBNL. This plan includes policies regarding prevention and control of the infection, travel restrictions, medical leave and family assistance policies, determining essential functions at the lab in the research divisions in the event of a shutdown or partial shutdown, and related business and operations issues.

The LBNL Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan is being established to address operational needs should the lab experience a partial or full shutdown. The COOP Plan will outline the particular needs and guidelines for each of the divisions at LBNL. Visit the COOP website here.

Steps employees can take before an emergency

  • Visit the Red Cross Pandemic Flu preparedness site to learn steps you can take to be prepared
  • Update your emergency contacts in the Lab’s database by logging into Employee Self Service and clicking on 'Emergency Contact' in the left navigation bar.
  • Know the Lab’s Emergency Status Announcement number – 1-800-445-5830
  • In the event LBNL’s website is inoperable, you can visit the emergency status website at  Internet requests for will automatically redirect to this site if an emergency plan has been put into effect. The site can also be used by customers and lab employees who are having difficulty connecting to lab services to verify that no disruption has taken place and all services are available.
  • Ask your supervisor for contact information and for an alternate contact should he or she not be available.
  • Ensure that your paycheck is available to you by signing up for direct deposit to your bank or credit union. Direct Deposit forms are available here.
  • Prepare to work from home by visiting the Lab's Remote Access FAQ site here.
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To download a printable pandemic poster click on the images above

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