LBL Currents -- October 28

Researchers team up to catch an invisible killer

LBL works with industrial partner to develop carbon monoxide monitor

By Diane LaMacchia, [email protected]
Last month, 40-year-old international tennis star Vitas Gerulaitis died in the guest cottage of a friend's Long Island estate. Cause of death: carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty propane heater.

Carbon monoxide is the number-one cause of death by poisoning in the United States. About 1,500 people die each year from accidental exposure to high indoor concentrations of the gas. In addition, tens of thousands of people are exposed to non-fatal levels, resulting in headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, aggravation of heart conditions, and brain damage.

Although carbon monoxide is a known killer, there has been no practical method for monitoring levels of the gas. There are some consumer warning devices on the market, but they do not provide detailed information about concentrations.

"There is no good method for measuring CO in residences or in the workplace," says LBL physicist Greg Traynor. "You have to use expensive real-time instruments that need on-site calibration to measure concentrations. It's expensive and awkward."

Traynor, a member of the Indoor Environment Group of the Energy and Environment Division, has been working with E&E's Mike Apte and Gee-Minn Chang to develop an effective, inexpensive, passive CO monitor.

Working with The Quantum Group, Inc., a small San Diego firm, Traynor and Apte designed a device that samples room air for a week. The passive sampler's sensor is a small disk about a centimeter in diameter. The disk sits inside an air diffusion tube contained in a glass vial filled with a silica gel to keep the CO-sensing mechanism dry. Another tube lets air into the vial. As the disk is exposed to CO, the amount of near-infrared radiation getting through it decreases and the disk turns darker. The disk can then be put in a spectrometer to determine CO concentration.

Carbon monoxide is a product of incomplete combustion. The main ways that CO gets indoors are from operating a motor vehicle in an attached garage, burning charcoal indoors, and from the use or misuse of malfunctioning or misinstalled combustion appliances that run on fuels such as gas, kerosene, propane, or wood.

Malfunctioning combustion space heaters, like the one that killed Gerulaitis, inject CO into houses via cracked heat exchangers or blocked or missing flues. CO can also be a serious problem if an unvented gas stove is used to heat a house.

The Department of Energy is concerned about CO levels indoors, because its weatherization programs to save energy can tighten houses and other buildings enough to increase CO concentrations. To test the residential sampler, Traynor plans to do a field survey to identify U.S. houses likely to have high CO levels. He and his co-workers will then mail monitors to those households to identify houses that need mitigation. Each household will be asked to mail the disk back to LBL, where a spectrometer will be used to determine CO concentration in the house.

The residential passive monitor may eventually serve as a screening tool for utility companies.

"They usually send technicians only at hook-up time or when there is a customer service problem," Traynor says. "We'd like to see them get more active."

Now LBL has signed a three-year, $600,000 Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with The Quantum Group to develop an occupational dosimeter for carbon monoxide. It will probably be worn on a worker's lapel to measure exposures for eight-hour work days and ensure compliance with OSHA standards. Traynor expects that the dosimeter will use inexpensive technologies similar to the residential monitor.

PHOTO CAPTION: E&E's Greg Traynor holds a tiny disk that will help replace the array of monitoring and calibration equipment now needed to detect carbon monoxide in houses.

Seven named AAAS Fellows

Seven LBL scientists have been elected as Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Since 1874, members have been elected whose "efforts on behalf of the advancement of science or its applications are scientifically or socially distinguished." This year 297 members were so honored.

The researchers will receive awards honoring their election on Feb. 18, 1995, during the 161st annual meeting of the AAAS in Atlanta. The LBL scientists named fellows in 1994 are listed below:

PHOTO CAPTION: Employees were entertained on the cafeteria lawn last Friday by the UC Jazz Ensemble's Wednesday Band. Photo by Paul Hames.

Hills Emergency Forum applauds LBL's fire-safety work

By Brennan Kreller, [email protected]
The California Emergency Services Association presented the Laboratory and five other members of the Hills Emergency Forum with a Meritorious Service Award at the Forum's annual public meeting on October 20.

The Forum is made up of LBL, the cities of Berkeley and Oakland, the East Bay Municipal Utility District, the East Bay Regional Park District, and UC Berkeley.

Participants began meeting shortly after the Oakland fire in 1992 to plan and enact fire risk reduction strategies and emergency preparedness. Deputy Director Klaus Berkner (then Associate Laboratory Director for Operations) signed a formal Letter of Intent with other members in October 1992. Berkner and senior managers of the other forum members meet twice a year to review progress, strategies and provide guidance to the forum's staff committee. Don Bell, LBL's Emergency Services Group Leader, represents the Lab in the monthly meetings of the staff.

Monthly meetings continue to focus on regional interagency cooperation, a vegetation management plan, improved weather monitoring, and a prescribed burn program to reduce the hazardous fuel load, especially in the urban/wildland intermix of the East Bay hills. With the help of Assemblyman Tom Bates, the East Bay Fire Chiefs Consortium (a subcommittee of the Forum) succeeded in having June declared California "Wildland Fire Prevention Month" to bring attention to fire safety at the start of each fire season.

Members of LBL's Facilities Department and Fire Services Group have actively participated in the development of the Vegetation Management Consortium's Vegetation Management Plan. Other Lab activities include fuel reduction, a wildland fire evacuation and relocation plan, and an automatic aid agreement with the City of Berkeley.

Employee awareness has also been a high priority of the Emergency Services Group, including the production and circulation of the video, "May I Have Your Attention, Please," and the display of fire danger warning signs at the Laboratory gates on "Red Flag" days when fire danger is high.

PHOTO CAPTION: Emergency Services Group Leader Don Bell displays the award presented to LBL at the recent annual meeting of the Hills Emergency Forum. Photo by Paul Hames.

Bone-marrow typing for minorities

Bone marrow transplants are the most effective treatment for many life-threatening diseases. LBL is sponsoring a bone-marrow typing drive from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 10, in the Bldg. 70A main conference room. The Asian-American Donor Program, which will be on hand to perform the typing, has federal funding to cover all the costs of minority typing. Employees from under-represented ethnic groups are encouraged to participate.


In the news:

The research of LBL chemists Dick Fish and Marc Maestre was featured in an article in the October 10 issue of Chemical and Engineering News that took a broad look at the current status of organometallic catalysis (organic molecules joined to metal catalysts). Included in this overview was a discussion of how Fish and Maestre have used organometallic chemistry as a means of studying and manipulating molecules of DNA and RNA for possible applications to the Human Genome Project. Fish was quoted as saying that "recent research has radically altered the perception of metal-carbon reactivity as it applies to biochemical problems."

Peltason responds to Dingell:

At a meeting of the UC Board of Regents on Thursday, October 20, UC President Jack Peltason responded to a recent letter from U.S. Representative John Dingell, D-Mich., to Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary critical of UC/DOE lab management contracts. Peltason said, "The University and DOE believe the contracts are serving well as a framework for the fulfillment of the University's increased management responsibilities under the new agreements. They embody the key principles of performance-based management and contractor accountability that are the centerpiece of the re-invention of government effort in Washington DC. UC has provided stewardship for the DOE labs as a service to the nation for the past half century. We have done so on a no-gain no-loss basis. We cannot and will not place at risk the assets of the University of California or of the taxpayers of California in performing this public service for the national government." Congressman Dingell was critical of the five-year contracts signed in 1992, citing a recent U.S. General Accounting Office report that described only modest progress in giving UC more responsibility for the labs' management.

November EH&S class schedule


Date     Class                           Time         Place

11/1     Lockout/Tagout (EHS-256)         9am-noon   90-3148

11/2     Crane/Hoist Operator (Level I)   8am-noon    2-100B
         Training, for Incidental Opera-
         tors (EHS-211)                   

11/8     Forklift Truck Safety (EHS-225)  1:30-3pm    90-4133

11/8     Machine Tool Safeguarding        10am-noon   90-2063

11/8     First Aid (EHS-116)              8am-noon    48-109

11/8 &   Radiation Protection-            8am-noon    66-316
11/10    Radiological Worker I (EHS-430)
         -both days

11/9     Adult Cardiopulmonary Resus-     9am-noon    48-109
         citation (CPR; EHS-123)

11/10    Fire Extinguisher Use (EHS-530)  10-11:30am  48-109

11/15    Earthquake Safety (EHS-135)      9-10:30am   48-109

11/15    Blood Biosafety Training         9-10:30am   90-3148

11/16    Accident Reporting/Investigation 10am-noon   90-1099

11/16    Building Emergency Team Training 9-11:30am   66 Aud.

11/16    EH&S Roles & Responsibilities     8am-noon   66-316
         for Supervisors in Office 
         Settings (EHS-025)

11/17    Introduction to Environment,      1:30-4pm   66 Aud.
         Health & Safety at LBL (EHS-010)

11/18    Laser Safety (EHS-280)            9:30-      90-2063

11/29    Back Injury Prevention            10-        48-109
         (EHS-053)                         11:30am

11/29    Radiation Protection-             8am-noon   66-316
12/1     Radiological Worker I (EHS-430)- 
         both days

11/30    Ergonomics for Computer Users     9:30-      2-300F
         (EHS-060)                         11:30am

11/30    Animal Welfare in Research        10am-noon  66 Aud.
         Environments (EHS-734)            

11/30    Medical/Biohazardous Waste        10-        2-100B
         Training (EHS-730)                11:30am

11/30    Adult Cardiopulmonary             9am-noon   48-109
         Resuscitation (CPR; EHS-123)

Pre-registration is required for all courses except Introduction to Environment, Health & Safety at LBL. Call X6554 to register for: CPR, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher Use, Earthquake Safety, and Building Emergency Team Training. Call X6612 or send a fax with your name, extension and employee number to X6608 to pre-register for all other courses.

Open Enrollment begins

November is Open Enrollment Month at LBL, running from Tuesday, Nov. 1, through Wednesday, Nov. 30, 1994. During this time, all available UC-sponsored medical, dental, optical, and legal plans will be open for new enrollments, changes, and transfers.

Open Enrollment is an opportunity to enroll, cancel, or transfer between plans, to add eligible family members, or to alter salary reduction amounts. All enrollment and change forms must be received in LBL's Benefits Office by 5 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 30.

By now, you should have received the annual Open Enrollment announcement in your home mail, as well as a Personal Benefits Summary describing the group insurance plan enrollment and retirement plan benefits on record. It is important to review this information carefully and consider whether any changes are in order during Open Enrollment.

If you discover any errors in the information on the Personal Benefits Summary, make a copy of the error and send it to the Benefits Office (MS 938A, fax: X7563) for review. Since the data used to prepare the summary is based on August 1994 information, any changes made since that period will not be reflected on your summary. Correct plan enrollment or leave balance information can be verified by reviewing your paycheck stub or your monthly leave balance statement.

During Open Enrollment, the new UC Care Point-of-Service (POS) plan will be offered in addition to the HMO plans, Prudential High Option and Core. UC Care (POS) brings three health benefit components--medical, mental health and chemical dependency, and prescription drug--together in one comprehensive plan, with three tiers of benefits. Current UC Care plan members will receive additional information through the mail. Employees who may want to transfer into UC Care (POS) should get a UC Care enrollment packet at the LBL Benefits Fair (November 10), or from the Benefits Office.

The Kaiser and Health Net HMO plans continue to be available at no cost to employees and their eligible family members during 1995. Health Net and QualMed-CA medical plans have merged into one plan, retaining the Health Net name in California.

There are no changes in the dental, optical services, and legal plans in 1995. There are no plan changes for Employee-Paid Life Insurance, but rates will increase slightly Jan. 1, 1995. There will be no plan changes for Basic Dependent Life, Expanded Dependent Life, or Employee-Paid Disability Insurance.

During Open Enrollment, you may enroll in the Dependent Care Assistance Program (DepCare) or change or cancel your salary reduction amount. You may also enroll, change, or cancel AD&D participation or otherwise change your tax savings on Insurance Premiums (TIP) accounts without penalty. DepCare allows payment for dependent care expenses on a pretax, salary reduction basis. TIP allows you to pay your premiums for certain insurance plans on a pretax, salary reduction basis. DepCare and TIP information will be available at the Benefits Fair.

The best way to get information on all of UC's benefits is to attend the LBL Benefits Fairs. Both will provide an opportunity to obtain medical plan brochures, forms, provider directories, and information on other UC benefits. You will also have an opportunity to ask specific questions. The dates and locations are below.

November is Open Enrollment Month: It's time to examine your benefits plans! Get more information at the LBL Benefits Fair -- 11am to 2 pm, Thursday, Nov. 10, LBL Cafeteria (vendors available 2-4 pm for consulting appointments) or 9am to 3 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 16, UCB Student Union-Bancroft (at LBL shuttle bus stop).

Ergonomics Awareness Week

The LBL Ergonomics Committee will be in the cafeteria lobby from 11:30am to 1 pm the week of November 14-18 to answer questions about ergonomics--the science of designing workplaces to fit people.

Ergonomic furniture, including chairs and tables, ergonomic accessories, and alternative keyboards will be on hand for demonstration, as will computer software on ergonomics.

Employees may pick up handouts listing what ergonomic equipment is available at the Lab, as well as brochures and posters on how to set up an ergonomically correct workstation. Employees will also be able to sign up for the LBL Office Ergonomics course.

The LBL Ergonomics Committee is comprised of employees from Environment Health and Safety, Inventory Management, Administration, and Facilities.

Livermore wins DOE Challenge trophy, LBL places 4th

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory won the 1994 DOE Challenge Tournament held at the San Geronimo Golf Course on Wednesday, October 19. Livermore averaged 77.7, and runners-up were Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (78), Sandia (78.5), LBL (80.3), EG&G (82), and DOE (82.8). Individual scores (gross/net) were:

     Flight 1      Flight 2       Flight 3      Guest Flight
1s   Larry         Howard         Bonnie        Harvey 
     Cochnaue       Baruz         Zucca         Grasso
     (LLNL)         (SLAC)        (LLNL)        (DOE) 
     78/69          90/69         98/65         112/76

2nd  Harry          Larry         Barbara       Barry 
     Helliwell      Hoff          Arnold        Malatesta
     (LBL)          (Sandia)      (LBL)         (SLAC)
     78/70          90/72         94/66         99/76

3rd  Cliff          Ollie         Mark          Jeff 
     Schenkel       Rohrback      Petree        Weiner
     (LLNL)         (Sandia)      (SLAC)        (LLNL)
     85/72          6/74          99/69         104/76

The LBL Golf Club's next tournament takes place at Sky West Golf Club in Hayward on Saturday, Nov. 26. First tee time is 10:30am All interested LBL employees, retirees, and their families are welcome to join. Contact Tom Corbin at X7617 for more information.

CALENDAR -- October 31 to November 4

31 m o n d a y


Noon, Bldg. 50 Aud.; C. Kniel, LBL, Call for Proposals - Quick Response Projects


3:30 pm, 3113 Etcheverry; M.G. Adamson, LLNL, "Development of Alternative--To--Incineration Processes for the Treatment of Mixed Wastes," Refreshments, 3:15 pm


4 pm, 3110 Etcheverry; N. Bunkin, General Inst. of Physics

Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, "Stable Microscopic Bubble Clusters in Pure Liquids"


4:30 pm, 1 LeConte; G. Greene, National Inst. of Standards and Technology, "Neutron Beta-Decay, The Big Bang & the Left-Handed Universe," Refreshments 4 pm, 375 LeConte

1 t u e s d a y


9am-noon, Bldg. 90-3148; Lockout/Tagout (EHS 256); pre-registration required, X6612


10am, Bldg. 50B-6208; P. Scholtes, Scholtes Seminars & Consulting, "Motivating Employees -- Myth or Reality"


1:30 pm, Bldg. 71 Conf. Rm.; M. Regler, Inst. for High Energy Physics, Austrian Academy of Sciences, "AUSTRON, the Austrian Project for an Intense Neutron Spallation Source and Ion Beam Therapy"


4 pm, Bldg. 66 Aud.; D. Albertson, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, England, "Cytogenetics and the C. elegans Physical Map"


4 pm, 3110 Etcheverry; M. Manga, UCB, "The Interaction and Coalescence of Deformable Drops and Bubbles in Low Reynolds Number Suspensions," Refreshments, 3:30 pm

2 w e d n e s d a y


8am-noon, Bldg. 2-100B; Crane/Hoist (Level 1) Training for Incidental Operators (EHS 211); pre-registration required, X6612


2 pm, Bldg. 70A-3377; G. Greene, CalTech, "Nuclear and Particle Physics at the NIST Cold Neutron Research Facility"


4 pm, 2 LeConte; S. Schleicher, Austrian CO2 Commission/Stanford Univ., "On the Economics of Sustainability and the Sustainability of Economics," Reception, 3:30 pm, Bldg. T-4, Rm. 100A

3 t h u r s d a y


1:30 pm, Bldg. 66 Aud.; J. Nogami, Univ. of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, "Metal-Induced Reconstructions of Silicon Surfaces Studied by STM"


4 pm, Bldg. 50A-5132; L. Hall, LBL/UCB, "New Experimental Tests for Supersymmetric Unification," Refreshments, 3:40 pm

4 f r i d a y


10:30am, Bldg. 71 Conf. Rm.; A. Ghiorso, LBL, "Half a Century with New Atoms and New Accelerators"


Noon, Bldg. 71 Conf. Rm.; K.-J. Kim, LBL, "Marvelous Light from Electrons"


4 pm, 3110 Etcheverry; S. Robinovitch, UCSF, "Hip Fracture and Fall Impact "



Spider leg pancakes

Toad stew

Dracula's garlic chicken

Toadstool burger


Breakfast burrito

Cream of potato w/leek


Tuna melt


Bacon-cheddar omelet

Old-fashioned bean & bacon

Carved roast beef

Chicken Mexican sandwich


Big blueberry pancakes

Manhattan clam chowder

Chicken chow mein

Philly cheese steak


Ham scramble

Hearty vegetable beef

Linguini & clam sauce

Jumbo chili dog

F l e a M a r k e t

Flea Market ads may be sent via Lab mail to Bldg. 65B, electronic mail to [email protected], or via Fax to X6641. The deadline is 5 pm Friday.


'75 PORSCHE 914, V-8 conversion, Chevy 305, modified 901 transaxel, everything new or rebuilt, mint cond., $7500. 530-3933

'84 VW Rabbit Diesel, exc. cond., extras incl. Recaro seat, Borbet wheels, new radio, shocks, $3K. Dick, X6204, 549-9049

'86 HONDA Civic DX hatchbk, 5-spd, beige, 1 owner, cass., runs great, $2800/b.o. X5837, (415)332-6017 (eve.)

'87 CHEVY Blazer, 4-wd, a/c, p/s,

a/t, p/b, exc. cond., new tires, very clean, $8K. Hannah Pena, X6188, (707)829-0392 (after 6 pm)

'90 GEO Prism, white, 5-spd, a/c, pwr lock, 65K mi., exc. cond., $5.5K/b.o. 658-6613 (msg./eve.)

'91 JAYCO tent camping trailer, slps 6, propane stove & refrig., porta potty, lg. awning, exc. cond., $4800. Charlie Matuk, X4658, 283-6111

'93 HYUNDAI Elantra, 16K mi., a/t, a/c, exc. cond., leaving country, must sell, $7200. X4445, 245-2432


CARPOOL, rider/driver needed, Pleasant Hill/Mtz. area, 7am-4 pm (flex.). Steve Lundgren, X7855

VANPOOL, RIDERS WANTED, route begins at Rohnert Park Expy., Petaluma Blvd. So., Shattuck & Hearst, ends at Berkeley BART, work hrs. are 8am-5 pm Shirley Claire, X4521


WARRIORS VS. ORLANDO Magic, Dallas Mavericks, NY Knicks. X4069, 262-5953


DRESSER, wood, sm., 3 or 4 drawers, for 2 yr. old. Mary, X5771, 522-3239

GAS STOVE, O'Keefe & Merritt, prefer in working cond. Kathy Ellington, X4931

MANX KITTEN, female. Jackie or Laura, X6325, 458-1217

OIL PAINTING equip. & supplies, new or used, price negot. Tennessee, X5013

PING PONG PLAYERS interested in noon-12:30 pm mini-tournaments w/players in Bldg. 76. Weygand Younge, X7665


BED, new, queen sz., w/futon mattress, $160; TV-video cart, $40, both from Scandinavia design. X6004

BOAT MOTOR, 2 hp, Johnson, approx. 4 hrs. used, $200. Jim Martinez, X5404

CLARINET, Yamaha, exc. cond., w/case, $410 new, $250; skis, boots, bindings & poles for kids (4-10 yrs.), various sizes, used, gd & exc. cond., reasonable prices/offer. Ivahan, 524-9039

COFFEE TABLE, contemporary, wood, gd cond., $ 50. Andre or Simone, X6745, 559-8652

COMPUTER, IBM XT, 20 M HD, 2 floppy disk drives (3.5 & 5-1/4), keyboard, monitor, Panasonic printer, $275/b.o. X4015, 526-0891

ELEC. HEATER, Intertherm, 1500 W, 120/240 VAC, wall mounting, very quiet, still in box, paid $100, asking $60; light shade, hanging, Tiffany-style, stained glass & lead, very gd cond., 20" x 36", $60. Marc, X6516, 528-5022

ELEC. RANGE, GE, Americana Model, dbl oven, self-cleaning, $300. free GE dishwasher w/purchase. Di Ann, X7437

FUTON, exc. like new cond., almost never used, expensive new, must sell, $120. 642-4418, 525-1793 (eve.)

MOUNTAIN BIKE, Diamond Back, Ascent EX, 21-spd, 18" frame, fits 5'6" - 5'9" riders, Shimano Deore LX components, $325; MAC Plus w/ext. floppy drive & misc. software, gd for children/new users, $175. Lawrence, X5770

PIANO w/bench, antique tiger oak, 1914 upright, ivory keys, $1850. Peter, X7337, 531-7837

PRINTER, DeskWriter, $200/b.o. Chris, X4635

REFRIGERATOR, Westinghouse-white, apt. sz., 38-1/2"x38", 59-1/2" H, exc. cond., $125. 548-8658

TWIN BEDS, 2 matching sets, box springs, mattress, bed frame, rarely used, $150/set. Charlie Matuk, X4658, 283-6111


ALBANY, furn. rm wnew queen sz. bed, modern condo, carpets, balc., 1-1/2 bth, nr public trans. & shopping, 3 mi. from UCB, kitchen privs., coin-op. washer/dryer, st. parking or $25 extra for carport, prefer male, non-smoker, share w/male UCB employee, $475/mo. incl. utils. except phone (line hook-up in rm), $200 dep. 559-8009 (msg./best 5-10 pm/wkend)

ALBANY, 2-bdrm, 2-bth condo, very clean, partly furn., bay view, swimming pool, tennis courts, 24-hr. sec., garage parking, bus/BART to LBL/UCB 15 min., nr shopping ctr, no pet, non-smoker, lease, $950/mo. Rai, X7613, 524-7941 (eve.)

BERKELEY, quiet, furn. rm in brn-shingle (Julia Morgan), easy walk to BART/shuttle, kitchen privs., non-smoker, short term OK. Rob, 843-5987

BERKELEY, 1-bdrm in-law apt., hardwd flrs, tile bthrm, pvt. redwood deck w/bay view, part. furn., microwave, refrig., no stove, pvt. entrance, nr Claremont Hotel, use of washer/dryer, $725/mo. incl. utils. 849-4588

BERKELEY, furn. studio apt w/color TV & parking, 20 min. walk to UCB/LBL shuttle, 5 min. walk to shops & trans., $475/mo. 548-9869

BERKELEY, rm in pvt home, walking distance to UCB, nr Claremont Hotel, $350/mo. 848-4022

BERKELEY, semi-furn. studio, sunny kitchen, 15 min. walk to UCB/LBL shuttle, 5 min. walk to gourmet ghetto, $535/mo. 540-0385

BERKELEY, upstairs, furn. 1-bdrm apt, $600/mo. 527-1358

NO. BERKELEY, furn. 1-bdrm apt./penthouse, dbl bed, ofc. space, garden, patio, laundry rm, st. parking or sec. inside bldg. w/fee, elec. entrance, 1-1/2 blks from UCB/LBL shuttle, trans., shopping, post ofc. etc., 1 or 2 people max., no smoking, no pets, avail. 12/13, $1200/mo. + dep. 548-8658, 548-6528 (FAX)

NO BERKELEY, furn. lg. rm in 4-bdrm house, 4-bridge view, parking, nr bus stop & Tilden Park, $425/mo. 528-6953

SO. BERKELEY, lg. 1-bdrm apt. w/view, quiet neighborhood, new carpet & appliances, pets negot., $497/mo. + dep. 658-6222

EAST RICHMOND HILLS, just below the Arlington nr Barrett, 4-bdrm (2 lg., 2 sm.) house, bay view, kitchen, living rm, dining rm, yd, safe & quiet neighborhood, 20 min. fr. UCB, pub. trans. 1 blk away, 10 min. walk from BART, avail. 1/1 - 7/1, $1100/mo., use of a car negot. Dr. Ivry, X4647, 642-7146, 237-3929 (eve.)

EL CERRITO HILLS, share 5-bdrm, 3-bth house w/3 males, 1 fem., nr Del Norte BART, 2 dining areas, bay views, frpl, 1920's Medit. style, share no smoking, no pets, $300/mo. Stephen, 232-5166

EL CERRITO HILLS, modern 2-bdrm, 2-1/2 bth townhouse, family rm, 2 balc & frpl, washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrig., 2X garage, tennis ct, pool, clubhouse, Wildcat Cyn. Pk. view, nr. hike/bike trails, avail. Dec., $1275/mo. 236-0966

EL CERRITO, 3-bdrm, 2-bth house, Japanese garden, marble frpl, garage, washer, nr BART/bus, no pets, avail. 12/10, $1245/mo. 525-8431

KENSINGTON, furn. studio, quiet, pvt., non-smokers, short term only, avail. 11/15, $450/mo. 559-8021

KENSINGTON, Berkeley border, spacious, furn. 2-bdrm, 1-bth house, dining rm w/deck, microwave, beamed living rm w/frpl, yd, veg. garden, garage, filtered view, nr Tilden Pk & bus, non-smokers, no pets, $1800/mo. Miriam, 525-4600, 845-8326


LOST: Silver flower/leaf pin, on 10/18, in/nr Bldg. 90. X4093



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