LBL Currents -- May 6, 1994

LBL's Kim, Klinman elected to National Academy of Sciences

By Lynn Yarris, [email protected]

Two LBL researchers, Sung-Hou Kim, director of the Structural Biology Division, and chemist Judith Klinman of Structural Biology were among the 60 new members elected to the National Academy of Sciences this year. Both Kim and Klinman are professors in the Chemistry Department at UC Berkeley.

Election to membership in the National Academy of Sciences is considered to be one of the highest honors that can be accorded a scientist or engineer. This year's additions bring the total active membership to 1,710. There are also now 300 foreign NAS associates with the addition of 15 new members from 10 different countries.

Kim, 56, has been internationally acclaimed for his pioneering use of x-ray crystallography to identify critical structures in cancer-related and other biologically important proteins. Born in Taegu, Korea, he became a U.S. citizen in 1973 at the age of 35. He earned his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh in 1966, and served short stints with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Duke University before joining the UC Berkeley faculty in 1978. He joined LBL a year later.

A former Guggenheim and Fulbright Fellow and a UCB Miller Research Professor, Kim has garnered more than a dozen international awards, including the E.O. Lawrence Award in 1987. Earlier this year, he was also elected as a Fellow in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Klinman, 53, is highly regarded for her research into the chemical changes that take place when an enzyme catalyzes a reaction. Like Kim, she came to Berkeley in 1978, and she, too, has won numerous awards. She was a Guggenheim Fellow and Miller Research Professor, and has been elected a Fellow in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

She earned her Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania in 1966, and spent several years with the Institute for Cancer Research in Philadelphia, the city in which she was born.

Women in Science & Engineering Seminar

Zuzanna Liliental-Weber of the Center for Advanced Materials in the Materials Science Division will give the next presentation in the LBL Women in Science and Engineering Seminar Series, scheduled for 12:10 p.m. on Monday, May 9, in Bldg. 70A-3377. She will discuss "Applications of Electron Microscopy in Materials Science." Her work focuses on the use of high resolution and analytical electron microscopy of thin films and interfaces to understand the electrical and optical properties of semiconductor materials, and the problem of stable and reliable metalization of semiconductor devices.

Refreshments will be served at noon. All employees are invited to attend.

Daughters to Work Day a big hit at LBL

More than 150 daughters and several sons descended on LBL on Thursday, April 28, to see their parents at work and to learn about their own career options. The visit was held in conjunction with the nationwide "Take Our Daughters to Work Day" event.

Marva Wilkins of the Center for Science and Engineering Education coordinated the program, with help from Deputy Director Pier Oddone's office. The day included presentations by women employees, tours of various Lab facilities, and lunch at the LBL cafeteria.

Speakers at the morning's introductory session in the Bldg. 66 auditorium represented the diversity of work that goes on at LBL. Judith Campisi, a molecular biologist in the Life Sciences Division, spoke about the exciting life of a genetics researcher. Mary Worth, division administrator for Life Sciences, talked about how she has juggled school and a career while at LBL. Site planner Laura Chen spoke about how she has been able to combine her interests in math and art in a career in environmental design. LBL carpenter Julie Tsiva talked about how much she enjoys working in a field where women are few.

The tour of the Lab included visits to the Advanced Light Source, Fire Department, medical imaging facilities in Bldg. 55, transgenic mice lab in Bldg. 74, Public Information Department, National Center for Electron Microscopy, and machine shops. There were also demonstrations of LBL's Hands-On Universe educational program and a walking tour of the geology and seismology of LBL.

PHOTO CAPTION -- 1) LBL fire fighters encouraged the participants to gear up during their visit to the Fire House. Photo by Pier Oddone

A complete set of proofs of the photographs taken during the Daughters to Work Day event is available for viewing at the Photo Lab, Bldg. 10-118.

PERS to hold elections, retirement workshops

The Public Employees Retirement System will hold an election this fall for a new representative to the PERS Board of Administration. Active PERS members will soon receive information regarding the election.

Any active PERS member interested in becoming a candidate must submit a nomination petition by June 6 endorsed by at least 250 other active members. Ballots will be distributed in October and must be returned by November 30. The term of office for the elected candidate will be January 16, 1995, through January 15, 1999.

PERS members interested in attending a retirement planning workshop should note the following schedule. Locations and times will be decided based on availability and the amount of interest. Employees interested in attending any of the workshops should contact the Benefits Office by the specified deadline (X6680).

Deadline for the week of August 1-5 is May 13.

Deadline for the week of October 3-7 is July 15.

Deadline for the week of December 12-16 is September 23.

Computer Services training schedule for May-June 1994

The following classes are open for enrollment. To register, contact Gayle Milligan at X4511 or e-mail [email protected].

Beg. FileMaker Pro / May 24-26 10 a.m. - noon / 50B-1229 /$60 subscriber; $120 nonsubscriber

Beg. FileMaker Pro /June 21-2310 a.m. - noon / 50B-1229 /$60 subscriber; $120 nonscriber

Beg. Excel 4.0 Mac / May 17-19 9 a.m. - noon /50B-1229 / $90 subscriber; $180 nonsubscriber

Beg. Excel 4.0 Mac/ June 14-16 9 a.m. - noon / 50B-1229 / $90 subscriber; $180 nonsubscriber.

Beg. Excel 4.0 PC / May 24-26 9 a.m.  - noon / 50B-1215A / $90 subscriber; $180 nonsubscriber.

Beg. Excel 4.0 PC / June 21-23 9 a.m. - noon / 50B-1215A / $90 subscriber; $180 nonsubscriber.

Beg. QuickMail / May 20 2-4 p.m. / 50B-1229 / $40 subscriber; $80 nonsubscriber.

Beg. QuickMail / June 24 10 a.m. - noon / 50B-1229 / $40 subscriber; $80 nonsubscriber.

Beg. Meeting Maker / May 27 2-4 p.m. / 50B-1229 / $40 subscriber; $80 nonsubscriber.

Beg. Meeting Maker / July 1 10 a.m. - noon / 50B-1229 / $40 subscriber; $80 nonsubscriber.

*Subscribers of the Workstation Support Services Program receive a discount. For information on the program, call X6858(MAC users) or X6858 (PC users).

More puzzle fun ahead

Many puzzle solvers have responded very enthusiastically to the Earth Month Puzzle Fun series. Although prizes will no longer be offered, the puzzles will continue as occasional features. Look for future puzzles in Currents based on other timely themes.

Last week's winner: John Staples, Accelerator and Fusion Research.

LBL Golf Club tourney

The LBL Golf Club's April tournament was held at Rancho Solano Golf Course on Saturday, April 16. Results follow:

Flight 1 Flight 2

1st L. Baker (71) J. Jones (65)

2nd M. Campagna (74) N. Lino (65)

3rd R. Hill (74) F. Lopez (68)

Flight 2 Flight 4

1st G. Weber (67) R. Ferrero (69)

2nd D. Vanacek (67) M. Manzone (69)

3rd D. Weber (68) S. Giovanetti (72)

BB Flight: V. Weber (1st; 74), E. van Nieuwburg (2nd, 76)

The LBL Golf Club holds tournaments each month at courses throughout the Bay Area. Membership is open to all LBL employees, retirees, and their families. The next tournament will be held at Adobe Creek Golf Course on Saturday, May 21, with the first starting time at 11 a.m. Anyone wishing to join should call Tom Corbin at X7617 or John Lee at X4595.

Let's go fishing

The LBL Outdoor Club will sponsor a salmon, crab, rockfish, and cod trip on Saturday, June 25, at Bodega Bay. The fishing will take place on the new Florie S. Limits for the day are 10 crabs (dungeness variety), 15 rockfish, 5 ling cod, and 2 salmon. The trip cost is $45. For reservations or more information, call Al Harcourt at X7660.

Speakeasy Casino Night

LBL employees are invited to don their feathers and fedoras and come on down to the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce's Speakeasy Casino Night on Friday, May 13, from 7 to 11 p.m. The fun fest will be held at the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Ave.

The cost is $25 per person, and includes chips for betting and buffet. Prizes include two roundtrip tickets to Las Vegas, a weekend at Sea Ranch, Oakland A's tickets, World Cup tickets, Cal Football opening game tickets, and various gift certificates to local establishments. For tickets, contact Shaun Fennessey at X5122.

Benefits news

UC Benefit Programs will send confirmation statements in early May to all employees currently enrolled in group insurance plans. The statements list plans presently in effect and the dependents covered by them.

The mailing provides you with an opportunity to review the benefits information on the statements, and to notify UC Benefits of any errors. Upon receipt of the statements, you should carefully examine the information and promptly report any necessary changes. The opportunity to make corrections is offered for only a limited period.

If your plans cover children other than your natural or adopted children, you are required to submit verification of tax dependency to UC Benefits.

If you do not receive a confirmation statement by May 27, please contact the LBL Benefits Office at X6680.

LGBA picnic

The LBL Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Association has rescheduled its recognition picnic and celebration for noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday, May 15, at Codornices Park on Euclid Avenue near Eunice (across from the Berkeley Rose Garden). Anyone interested in attending should contact Barbara Phillips at X4456 to sign up. Friends and family are also welcome. Please call for alternate location in the event of rain.

Open Meeting on payroll group averages

The LBL Work for Others (WFO) Overrun Committee has been asked to recommend changes to eliminate overruns on WFO accounts. The Laboratory's use of payroll group averages has become a topic of discussion for the committee.

The committee is interested in hearing from Laboratory personnel who have experience with the use of payroll group averages and may wish to voice comments (both positive and otherwise) about how payroll averages work at LBL.

An open meeting is planned for noon - 1 p.m. on Thursday, May 12, in Bldg. 62-203. All employees are invited to attend.

C A L E N D A R -- M A Y 9 -- 1 3

9 m o n d a y


8:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m., Bldg. 66-316; First Aid (EHS 116); pre-registration required, X6554


4 p.m., 120 Latimer; A. Hatton, MIT, "Microstructure of Fluids for Separations," Refreshments, 3:30 p.m.


4 p.m., Bldg. 66 Aud.; U. Francke, Stanford Univ., "Molecular Pathology of the Marfan Syndrome"


4 p.m., Bldg. 70A-3377; W. Nazarewicz, ORNL/Warsaw, "Physics of Exotic Nuclear States (abstract)"

10 t u e s d a y


9-10:30 a.m., Bldg. 66-316; Earthquake Safety (EHS 135); pre-registration required, X6612


10 a.m.-noon; Bldg. 66 Aud.


12:30 p.m., 375 Le Conte; T. Russell, LLNL, "Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions and the Cooling of Core Collapsed Supernovae"


4 p.m., Bldg. 70A Conf. Rm.; D. Brown, "Z - bb Partial Width Measurements," Refreshments, 3:40 p.m.

11 w e d n e s d a y


12:10 p.m., Bldg. 2-300F; guests welcome


4 p.m., 3110 Etcheverry; J. Bechhoefer, Simon Fraser Univ., "Pattern Formation in the Faraday Experiment"

12 t h u r s d a y


7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Bldg. 77


9 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 66-316; Adult CPR (EHS 123); pre-registration required, X6554


Noon-1 p.m., Bldg. 62-203


4 p.m., 3110 Etcheverry; A. Yabe, Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan, "Active Heat Transfer Enhancement Utilizing Electric Fields"


4 p.m., Bldg. 50B-4205; H. Aihara, "Measurement of Diboson Production at DZero," Refreshments, 3:40 p.m.


4 p.m., Sibley Aud.; R. Blandford, FRS, "Active Galactic Nuclei: Monsters in the Mist"

13 f r i d a y


10:30 a.m. , Bldg. 71 Conf. Rm.; N. Rostoker, UCR, "Self-Colliding Beam System for Fusion"



Banana pancakes

Vegetarian minestrone *

Scalloped potatoes & ham

Pastrami & cheese

South of the Border


Biscuits & gravy w/eggs

Pork mulligatawny

Caribbean turkey steak *

Tuna melt

Shrimp Louie *


Corned beef hash & eggs

Beef noodle

Fettuccine *

Chicken fiesta

South of the Border


Blueberry pancakes

Creamy clam chowder

Savory beef & mushrooms

Philly cheese steak

Pizza singles *


Ham scramble

Beef barley

Baked cod filet *

Polish sausage

South of the Border

* Denotes Lowfat Item


Flea Market ads may be sent via Lab mail to Bldg. 65B, electronic mail to [email protected], or via Fax to X6641. The deadline is 5 p.m. Friday.


'79 VW Rabbit, tan, brand new engine, $1,100/b.o. 716-3413

'85 VW GTI, 5-spd, 86K mi., exc. cond., orig. owner, pull-out stereo, $4.2K. Bill, X7271,


'86 CAMARO, a/c, am/fm/cass. stereo, new brakes, muffler, 110K mi., runs great, $1800/b.o. Matt McCluskey, X4555, 233-7247

'87 NISSAN Sentra, 68K mi., orig. owner, great cond., runs perfectly, $4K. 704-8878

'87 TOYOTA Corolla, a/t, a/c, p/b, p/s, 4-dr sedan, 84K mi., $4475, Bob Choi, 527-8511

(6-10 p.m.)

'89 FORD Ranger XLT 4x4, runs exc., camper shell, a/t, auto. 4-wd, best offer. Manuel Gonzalez, X5901

'90 PLYMOUTH Voyager SE, 7-passengers, exc. cond., low mi., loaded, $10,900 or assume lease. Liona, 643-7005,

210-1119 (eve.)

'94 CHEVY S-10, 3K mi., tan w/blk trim, p/s, warranty, brand new, must sell, $11K. 883-1638

MOTORCYCLE, '81 Honda CB 900F Supersport, tank, saddle bags, luggage rack & padded back rest, exc. cond., photos in cafeteria, $1250. Ron, X6189, 516-1727

MOTORCYCLE, '85 Honda Nighthawk CB700, tank & saddle bags, 2 helmets, exc. cond., 46K mi. (highway), $1400/b.o. Werner, X4335, 527-1115

ROLLBAR, BMW 2002 AutoPower 2" tube w/crossbrace, installed & removed once, never used, $350 new, $175; blue 4-point harness, lap & shoulder, in bag, $50. Brad Krieger, X6522, 770-9347 (Fremont)

SCOOTER, '89 Honda Spree, red, luggage rack, looks like new, $1K cash. Elsie, X6584,



VANPOOL, rider wanted, Modesto to LBL/UCB, 7 a.m.-4 p.m., M-F. Sharon Barrett, X5461, Bill Thompson, (209)544-8303

VANPOOL, riders wanted, from Antioch to Berkeley, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. work hrs. Charles Smith, X7615, Vanessa Selzer, 642-6301


CHILDCARE, seeking au pair for 6/27 - 8/19 (flexible). X7156, 649-0236


BED, king sz., top quality Sterns & Foster, like new, w/pillows, sheets & comforter, cost $1200, $650/b.o.; radial arm saw, hardly used, $250/b.o. 937-7244

APPLE IMAGEWRITER 2, incl. manual, dust cover & 2 reams paper, $250; camcorder, SVHS industrial, exc. cond., incl. case, extra batteries, & accessories, $700/b.o.; tripod & dolly wheels, $80. Cindy, X7950, Dan, (415) 648-8250

BICYCLES (2), Kettler Alu-Rad, 20" mountain bike, aluminum frame, Shimano Deore parts, fenders, lights, panniers, mint cond., asking $300/b.o.; Raleigh RT-300, 23" road bike, dbl butted tubes, Shimano Exage parts, brand new, $550 in stores, asking $275/b.o. Marc, X6712

BOX SPRING, queen sz., exc. cond., $30. Nori, X4093, 526-5291

BUTCHER BLOCK, real, solid wood commercial style, not typical decorative home type, $350/b.o. Tom, X4630, 724-5265

CEILING FAN w/light fixture, never used, $40; step ladder, 8', $15. Diane, X5839, 658-9690

COMPUTER, 486 33MHtz PC, 230MG HD, 8MG RAM, 3.5" & 5.25" disk drives, Windows, modem, MS-DOS, etc., 14" Viewsonic color display, Panasonic printer, all cords, best offer. Andrew, X6950

ELECTRIC PIANO, Rhodes, classic, early 70's, needs foot pedal & TLC, $200/b.o. Steve, X4134, 528-2321

HI-FI STACK, rolling, 4 shelves + lg. space for record player, veneer & wood w/casters, $75/b.o. Lee Schipper, X5057, 527-5821

MICROWAVE OVEN, Tappan, works great, $80; food steamer/rice cooker, Black & Decker, $20. Subhadhra, X6078

REFRACTOR TELESCOPE, Celestron SP-C80 3", will sell SP equatorial mount separately, w/dual axis drive & Gel-Cel $650; C-80 Tube assy, $250; misc. 1.25" Plossl & ortho eyepieces, $30-$60; Orion guiding eyepiece, $75; sm. items. Brad Krieger, X6522, 770-9347 (Fremont)

SWEDISH LOOM, hand-made, modern, solid pine, 110 cm wide, 4 harnesses & all accessories incl. bench, great for rugs, $1250/b.o. Agneta Schipper, 527-5821

SETUP FOR RABBIT, complete w/wooden hutch (2'x2'x3'), food dish, water bottle, bedding & books, $70/b.o.; student desk, brn, 1 drwr, w/2 shelves, $25; mountain bike, med. grade, Schimano parts, exc. cond., $200. Mary, 524-0702

STAND for printer or sewing machine, about 30" high, metal, w/wheels on the bottom & storage space inside, very functional, holds file folders pretty well, $20/b.o. Jon K., X5974

VACUUM CLEANER, Hover Elite 17.0, like new, less than 9 mos. old, $65; dbl sz. bed w/mattress, box spring & steel frame, $120. Bob Choi, 527-8511 (6-10 p.m.)

WATERBED, king sz., sturdy wood frame, heater w/thermostat, $140/b.o. X4973

WINDSURFER, Fanatic Viper, 11'4", 180 1 volume, great beginner/transition board, semi-complete, $250/b.o.; Seagate 3144A IDE hard drive 130 MB, $135/b.o.; RightWriter 4, grammar checker, $135/b.o.; Managing Your Money 9, $25/b.o.; Analog 8 range Multitester, $13/b.o.; 10-cup coffee machine, $25/b.o.; Kasparov Chess Companion 2150, complete board w/pieces, $85/b.o. Reto, X4291, 865-2617


ALAMEDA, lg., sunny front rm in furn. Victorian, safe & clean, phone & cable hook-up, $425/mo. incl. utils. + dep. Elise, X4574

ALBANY, 1 lg. furn./unfurn. rm avail. in 2-bdrm, 1-bth house for 5/21 - 8/24 (flexible), share w/UC grad student & cat, nr Solano Ave. & UC Village, off-st parking, storage in garage, hardwd flrs, full kitchen, microwave, W/D, no smoking, $420/mo. neg. Scott, 528-8626

ALBANY, 1-bdrm in 3-bdrm apt, share w/grad student, nr bus, coin-op washer/dryer, non-smoker, (2nd bdrm avail. 8/10), $255/mo. + util. Susan, 524-9851

ALBANY, furn. rm incl. brand new queen sz. bed, linens/towels, in modern condo., w-w carpet, balcony, 1-1/2 bth, kitchen privs., coin-op washer/dryer, st parking or $25 extra for carport, nr public trans. & shopping, 3 mi. from UCB, short/long term, prefer male, non-smoker, share w/male UCB employee, $495/mo. incl. utils. except phone (hook-up line in rm), $300 refundable cleaning/damage dep. 559-8009 (5-10 p.m./msg.)

BERKELEY, rm in house w/decks, hot tub, views, frpl, quiet area, nr Rose Garden, avail. 5/15, $450/mo. David, 525-4470

BERKELEY, furn. studio w/skylight, parking, sm. garden, 15 min. walk to UCB/LBL shuttle, $525/mo. 548-9869

BERKELEY, 2-bdrm house, hardwd floors, sunny kitchen, garage, workshop, yd, 20 min. walk to UCB/LBL shuttle, $875/mo. 527-4192

BERKELEY, lg. furn. bdrm in furn. rooming house, 5 min. walk to UCB/LBL shuttle, $500/mo.; unfurn. bdrms avail. 540-0385

BERKELEY, Northside (Hearst & Arch), furn. studio apt, spacious, sep. kitchen & eating area, across st. from UCB & LBL shuttle, avail. 5/20 8/20, $595/mo. 845-6800

BERKELEY, part. furn. suite in spacious, new 2-bdrm apt, washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave, refrig., stove, parking, for share w/present tenant, nr BART/LBL shuttle, $450/mo. + exp. Camilo, X6516, 845-5442

BERKELEY HILLS, 1-bdrm, 1-bth apt., furn., newly remodeled, quiet neighborhood, nr trans. & shopping, avail. 6/1, $870/mo. + utils. 524-9039

NO. BERKELEY, rm in house, pvt entrance, nr shopping & busses, light cooking, summer rental. 528-9135

NO. BERKELEY, rm, hardwd flrs, pvt. deck, phone, partial bay view, washer/dryer, share kitchen & common space w/friendly student house mates, $450/mo. + $850 move-in. Steve, X4134, 528-2321

NO. BERKELEY HILLS, 3-bdrm, 2-1/2 bth house, ofc., piano, top of Buena Vista, view, avail. approx. 6/15 - 8/15, $1900/mo. 848-4769

NO. BERKELEY HILLS, furn. 4-bdrm house, lg. garden, deck, view, frpl, hardwd flrs, beamed living rm ceiling, lg. dining rm, bkfst rm, study, glassed-in sun porch, brick courtyd, balconies, $3500/mo., neg. Art Rosenfeld, X4834, (703)684-1060

CONCORD/CLAYTON, 2-story, 2-bdrm, 1-1/2 bth townhouse, pool, Roundtree Condos, nr Ygnacio Valley Rd & Clayton Rd, avail. 6/1, $700/mo. Richard M., X6015

EL CERRITO, 2 bdrm, 1-1/4 bath apt, high ceilings, frpl, balcony, pool, Jacuzzi, fitness rm & laundry in apt complex, 3 blks from BART. Matt McCluskey, X4555, 233-7247

EL CERRITO, 1-bdrm, 1-bth unit, 800 sq. ft., frpl, stove, refrig., dishwasher, washer/dryer, nr BART & shopping, $650/mo. incl. utils. Denny, 237-8171

EL CERRITO, 2-bdrm, 1-bth house, frpl, sep. garage, stove, refrig., drapes, w/w carpets, laundry fac., nr E.C. Plaza BART & bus lines, $875/mo., prefer yr. lease. 222-5780 (after 6 p.m.)

KENSINGTON, furn. 2-bdrm apt, scenic view, beaut. neighborhood, w/restaurants & stores, 2 mi. from UCB, no smoking, no pets, avail. July 1 thru Sept. '94, seek visiting prof./scientist, $940/mo. G. Huber, X5369

KENSINGTON, furn., lg. rm. in 4-bdrm house, bay view, frpl, washer/dryer, nr bus stop & Tilden Park, $425/mo. 528-6953

WEST OAKLAND, 849 Athens Ave., lg. 4-bdrm house, Victorian, stove, lg. bkyd, $850/mo. 235-0407

KENSINGTON, spacious 5-bdrm house to share w/1 person, pvt. bth, privacy, bay view from lg. bdrm, garden, trees, nr busses & shopping, favorite of LBL people, $530/mo., 1st, last + $200 cleaning dep. & 1/3 utils. 524-7086

OAKLAND HILLS, furn. 3-bdrm, 2-1/2 bth house, quiet st. off Redwood Road, 20 min. drive from LBL/UCB, direct bus to Rockridge BART & downtown Berkeley, panoramic bay views, 2-car garage, AEK, 1800 sq. ft., avail. 8/1 - 12/31, $1800/mo. Karen or Peter, 482-0148

NO. OAKLAND, Rockridge area, furn. 4-bdrm, 2-1/2 bth house, nr College Ave. & BART, 4 mi. from LBL, avail. 6/18 - 7/23, $1600. 653-0455

RICHMOND ANNEX (2 listings), both in triplex, nr E.C. Plaza & BART, incl. refrig., garage, coin laundry, yd, carpet, dishwasher, new paint & blinds, 1-bdrm apt., $575/mo., 1st + dep.; 2-bdrm apt., $750/mo., 1st + dep. Judy or Tom, 527-8766

RICHMOND VIEW, pvt. room in home, share kitchen, laundry, etc., nr Del Norte BART, $325/mo. + dep. includes util. X6329, 236-0956

WANTED: Furn. house/large, for visiting Danish professor, 2 bdrms, for 1 yr., starting Sept. '94, prefer No. Berkeley, Kensington. [email protected]

WANTED: Furn. housing for visiting professor from Korea, prefer Berkeley, for 6/30 - 8/29, 2 adults, 2 children, $1500-$2K/mo. S.G. Louie, [email protected], Barbara Gordon, [email protected]

WANTED: Room/1-bdrm apt, for visiting Danish scientist, for 1 yr., starting 9/94, prefer No. Berkeley, Kensington. [email protected]

WANTED: Visiting faculty postdoc seeks housing from July 1994 - July 1995, prefer (semi) furnished, 2+ bedrooms, Berkeley-Oakland-Albany-El Cerrito, 2 adult nonsmokers will care for pets, plants, garden, local refs. avail., max. $1K/mo. Professor Deborah Berman Santana, (518)442-5173, (518)442-4867 (FAX), local contact: Beth Dickinson, 654-9694


SO. LAKE TAHOE, deluxe townhouse, lakefront, all amenities, nr playspots. Herbert Newkirk, 422-8845, 455-5595


OAKLAND, Crocker Highlands, 2-bdrm, 2-bth Mediterranean home, family rm/3rd bdrm, frpl, formal dining rm, master suite w/ofc., remodeled & like new, 15 min. from LBL, $256K. Lon, X5317, 839-1714



Mary Bodvarsson, X4014

Mac QuickMail, fax X6641

[email protected]


Jeffery Kahn

Mike Wooldridge

Lynn Yarris


Fax X6641

[email protected]

Deadline: 10:30 a.m. Tuesday


Fax X6641

[email protected]

Deadline: 5 p.m. Friday


Mary Padilla, X5771


Alice Ramirez


Public Information Dept., Bldg. 65B

Mike Chartock, Acting Manager