LBL Currents -- May 13, 1994

"Walking" microscope views atomic details in semiconductors

By Mike Wooldridge,

Using an ultra-stable scanning tunneling microscope (STM) that "walks" above surfaces, scientists in the Materials Sciences Division have imaged never-before-seen features in semiconductors, the electronic materials that are the basis for computer chips.

The researchers have turned conventional STM design upside down by developing a microscope that stands on three legs above a material sample and walks itself to areas of interest. Many conventional STMs hold a dime-sized sample atop finger-like prongs and examine the sample from below.

The microscope legs of the new device are made out of a piezo-ceramic material that bends slightly when electrified. By flexing its legs, the microscope can jerk itself forward a few nanometers at a time, or rotate in place.

Researchers Eicke Weber, Jun-Fei Zheng, and Miquel Salmeron have used the STM to produce the first atom-by-atom images of an indium gallium arsenide/gallium arsenide interface, one of the more common architectures found in the semiconductors of lasers. They have also produced the first images of silicon donor atoms, the electron-rich impurities that give semiconductor crystals their special electrical properties. Both sets of images have been published in Physical Review Letters.

"We are entering an exciting new phase in materials science," Weber says. "Until now, people have had to use indirect methods such as spectroscopy to explore these atomic features. Now we can use a microscope to look at them directly. We'll be able to use the new information to improve the way semiconductors are created."

The ability to investigate semiconductors atom-by-atom is especially important as production begins of electronic devices on a nanometer scale. At such a small scale, the precise placement of individual atoms is critical.

Since its invention in 1981, the STM has been the most important tool for studying the atomic surface structures of metals and semiconductors. The device images the arrangements of atoms by moving an electrified metal tip a few atoms away from a material's surface. At such a close range, electrons will spontaneously jump back and forth between the tip and the sample material, a phenomenon known as tunneling. By measuring the rate of electron tunneling as it scans the material, an STM can map the topography of the material's surface.

In the past, however, researchers were unable to bring an STM tip close enough to a semiconductor surface to image features such as donor atoms. This is because mechanical instabilities and slight temperature fluctuations--which cause the microscope's different parts to expand and contract--can smash a tip of a microscope into a sample material if it is too close.

In addition to being able to walk, the new STM can get its tip much closer to a surface because it is more compact, and therefore less susceptible to mechanical vibrations. With such an ultra-stable STM, the donor atoms that appeared as faint shadows in past images now emerge as glowing spheres.

PHOTO CAPTION -- Jun-Fei Zheng of the Materials Sciences Division examines the scanning tunneling microscope he helped design. The microscope uses three flexible legs to "walk" its scanning tip to different areas of a material sample. Photo by Steve Adams

LBL Lecture series: Science and Technology in a Competitive World

Fumio Kodama, professor of Science, Technology and Industry at the Resarch Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, will be the next speaker in the LBL lecture series: Science and Technology in a Competitive World. The talk is scheduled for noon on Monday, May 23, in the Bldg. 50 auditorium. Kodama will speak on "Emerging Patterns of Innovation: Sources of Japan's Technological Edge." This is also the title of his new book, to be published by Harvard Business School Press in 1995. All employees are invited to attend.

Prior to his appointment at the University of Tokyo, Kodama was professor of Techno-Economic Systems in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He spent time in the United States as a visiting professor at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in 1991-92, and as visiting professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford University in 1992-93.

Before coming to the United States, Kodama was Director-in-Research at the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Science and Technology Agency. He is a graduate of the University of Tokyo, where he received his bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanical engineering, and earned his Ph.D. in engineering in 1974.

Kodama is a member of the Engineering Academy of Japan, in charge of international affairs. He serves on several advisory committees for the Japanese government, such as the Science and Technology Agency, and the Economic Planning Agency. He has authored many articles on science and technology policy. He is a recipient of the 1991 Science and Technology Minister's Award for Research Excellence.

Bike to Work Day

Tuesday, May 17, is Bike to Work Day, and May is National Bike Month. Both events were originated by the League of American Bicyclists, a bicycle advocacy organization--formerly known as the League of American Wheelmen--dating back to the turn of the century.

As part of this annual event, The LBL Bicycle Coalition is offering route planning and escort services to encourage would-be cyclists. To take advantage of these services, contact Jeannie Cuevas, LBL's Transportation Systems Management coordinator, at X5196 (fax: X7200; Mail Stop 69-107, or e-mail:

Bicycle commuting is inexpensive, great exercise, environmentally friendly, and beats the parking squeeze. For those considering the bicycle commute option every day, LBL shuttle buses have bike racks to ease the burden of steep hills. Just be sure the driver knows you are getting a bike on or off, and use the bungie cord to secure the bike. For the more athletic, there are showers available at Bldgs. 2, 46, 64, 66, and 77 (plus showers for men only at 58, 62, and 80).

For safety: remember that bicycles are subject to the same traffic laws as other vehicles on the road; a helmet is highly recommended; check your brakes; always use lights and light-colored clothing when riding at night.

LBL Fire Department helps bring "Christmas in April" to elderly homeowner

By Mike Wooldridge,

Christmas came early for 89-year-old Ethyl Flintail this year as dozens of local volunteers, some of them LBL fire fighters, pitched in to give her Ashby Avenue home a facelift.

"The work made everyone involved feel good," said LBL Fire Chief Bill White. "We had the chance to help someone in need, and the homeowner had work done that she could never have done herself. She broke into tears when she saw the changes."

The repair job was part of a "Christmas in April" project that resulted in the renovation of 33 homes and buildings for low-income, elderly residents in Berkeley and Albany. The annual event is coordinated by the Albany Berkleley Interdependent Elders Network, an organization that helps the elderly live healthier lives. In some cases, the fix-ups are the only way in which the seniors can continue to live independently.

"Christmas in April" is a team effort, with a licensed contractor at each site overseeing a mix of skilled craftspeople and home handymen as they spend one or two days at each home. The work at Flintail's house included painting, floor and foundation repair, kitchen remodeling, and sewer line repair.

"It was a good learning experience for many of us, since you find yourself doing a lot of work you've never done before," White said.

"Christmas in April" was started in Texas 20 years ago, in the tradition of the old-fashioned "barn raising," when neighbors would help other neighbors with home repairs. Funded by donations, the repairs to some of the renovated homes can be worth up to $25,000.

The crew from the LBL Fire House included White, Michael Berejkoff, Les Lockhart, Brad Olson, Kirk McKinzie and Joanne Crafton. Matt Kotowski from the Environmental Health and Safety Division also volunteered. The LBL group was joined by members of the West Berkeley Lions Club and UC Berkeley's Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity.

PHOTO CAPTION -- Fire Department Administrator Joanne Crafton wields a wet brush at the "Christmas in April" volunteer effort that renovates homes for the low-income elderly.
Photo by Bill White

Call for construction needs

Each year the Laboratory issues a "Call" to identify institutional construction needs and improvement ideas. Institutional funds are allocated through this process, which is open to all Laboratory staff.

The process to identify LBL's FY1995 institutional non-capital alterations, capital improvements and new buildings is now underway. A Call coordinator has been assigned by each Division to compile a listing of the Division's priorities. These priorities will be rated and ranked in accordance with DOE procedures and will then be reviewed by management. Funding will be authorized by the Director's Action Committee in August.

Project needs and ideas which may benefit the entire Laboratory may be submitted directly to the Facilities Department (by Quickmail to RMMcClure via the Facilities Server).

In addition, the Facilities Department will hold brief informational sessions about the process between 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. on Monday and Tuesday, May 23-24 in the LBL cafeteria (dining area). A brief summary of the process will be given at the top of each half-hour, followed by questions and answers. You may also send questions to the department via QMail at the above address or call X4486.

In memoriam: Jim Rounds

Jimmy Rounds Jr., a former contract employee with LBL's Engineering Division, died on May 8 as a result of a motorcycle accident in Marin County. A resident of El Sobrante, he was 27 years old.

Rounds worked as a mechanical engineering technologist on various projects with the Advanced Light Source between September 1990 and February 1994. His supervisor, Weyland Wong, said, "Jim was one of the primary technicians who contributed greatly to the assembly, installation, and successful completion of the Light Source LTB, booster, BTS, and storage ring RF systems."

Rounds is survived by his parents, his sister, and two grandmothers. He will be buried at St. Joseph Cemetery, San Pablo.



Sung-Hou Kim, director of the Structural Biology Division, and Donald J. DePaolo, head of the Earth Sciences Division's Center for Isotope Geochemistry, have been elected Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the nation's top honors in scholarly and artistic achievement. Founded in 1790 by John Adams and other leaders of the new United States, the Academy is a learned society with a dual function: to honor achievement in science, scholarship, the arts, and public affairs, and to conduct a varied program of studies that reflects the interests of its members and is responsive to the needs and problems of society and of the intellectual community. Its membership totals about 3,300 Fellows and 600 Foreign Honorary Members.

Robert Schoenlein, a physicist in the Materials Sciences Division, has won the 1994 Adolph Lomb Medal from the Optical Society of America. Established in 1940, the Lomb Medal is awarded annually to a researcher who "has made a noteworthy contribution to optics before reaching the age of 30." Schoenlein was cited for his "development of elegant femtosecond spectroscopic methods and their application to fundamental studies of metals, semiconductors, and molecules." The award, which consists of a medal, a scroll, and an honorarium, will be presented in October at the Society's annual meeting in Dallas.

Two LBL researchers were recently inducted as Fellows of the American Ceramics Society. Rowland M. Cannon of the Materials Sciences Division has helped author some 60 scientific papers on topics that include sintering and microstructural evolution. Marvin J. Weber, who retired from LLNL in 1993, is presently a member of the Center for Functional Imaging in Life Sciences Division. Weber has authored more than 170 publications, including review articles on lasers, laser spectroscopy, and rare-earth luminescence, and has been granted several patents on laser materials.


Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary has ordered DOE to conduct a department-wide study of plutonium use in response to a directive from President Bill Clinton. As a first step, DOE is performing a "Plutonium Vulnerability Assessment" to evaluate the security of surplus plutonium supplies and identify measures that need to be taken for its safe management. LBL will join LLNL and SLAC at three DOE-sponsored public hearings which will begin next Thursday, May 19, at Nile Hall in Oakland's Preservation Park, and will continue on May 23 and 27. In between the Monday and Friday public hearings, there will be an on-site inspection of LBL's plutonium storage and handling practices by a DOE review team.


The Earth Sciences Division hosted an international symposium this week on "Scientific and Engineering Aspects of Deep Injection Disposal of Hazardous and Industrial Wastes." Experts from eight countries discussed the behavior of liquid wastes when disposed of by underground injection, a method widely used when treatment methods are economically or technically unfeasible. Russian attendees presented 30 years of data on the subject for the first time in the west. The event was sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency and DOE's Office of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management.

Conference information now on-line

By Jeffery Kahn,

LBL researchers who want to post conference information and technical papers on the Internet now can do so using Mosaic and the services of the Lab's Information and Computing Sciences Division (ICSD).

The value of the service, which includes the ability to publish image and audio files, was demonstrated recently during the Conference on Computing in High Energy Physics 1994, which met in San Francisco.

Before, during, and after CHEP94, those interested were able to learn about the proceedings by accessing the information through Mosaic. On-line information includes the general announcement of the meeting, the registration form and schedule, summaries of the 160 papers submitted, audio recordings of talks, and slides.

ICSD Director Stu Loken, who chaired the conference, said the electronic medium expanded participation in the conference

"We also broadcast the sessions on the Internet using video, sound, and slides, and had more than 300 electronic attendees," he said.

To access information about CHEP94 as well as news about future conferences, Mosaic users should go to the LBL Home Page and select the "Scientific Programs at LBL" category. At the top of the next screen, select "LBL Conferences and Seminars." Mosaic users anywhere in the world can access this information with the address /Conferences/Conferences.html.

To arrange to put conference information on-line via Mosaic, contact technical editing/writing supervisor Gloria Lawler at X6771. Lawler said the new service is available thanks to technical training provided by Martin Gelbaum of ICSD's Computing Services Department.

Batter up!

An organizational meeting for the 1994 season of the LBL Softball League has been scheduled for noon on Wednesday, May 18, in the lower cafeteria. All interested teams, new and returning, are asked to attend. "Free Agents" may attend or call Alan Wandesforde at X7247. Opening Day will be on Wednesday, June 8, at Kleeberger Field (Gayley & Rimway Roads). For further information, contact Alan Wandesforde, Steve Blair at X5927, or Bob Springsteen at X5221.

EH&S course update

Please note that due to construction in the Bldg. 66 auditorium, the location of the EH&S course "Introduction to Environment, Health & Safety at LBL" (EHS-10), scheduled for 1:30-4 p.m. on May 16, has been relocated to the Bldg. 50 auditorium.

Surplus sales warehouse moving

The warehouse in which LBL holds its regular Wednesday surplus property sales is moving. As a result, the sales will be discontinued beginning Wednesday, May 18, through mid-June. Currents will announce the reopening date and location as the information becomes available. n

New STAR mugs

Team members of the STAR (Solenoidal Tracker at RHIC) project--for which LBL is the lead lab--commissioned a STAR coffee mug that's now available to Lab employees for $5 apiece. Cafeteria vendor Canteen Corp. has agreed that anyone who brings a STAR mug to the cafeteria may fill it with coffee, tea, or soda for 30 cents--a considerable savings. TID Illustrator Flavio Robles Jr. designed the attractive mugs, which are available from Tim Hallman: X6374, Bldg. 50D-139, or

Cafeteria closure

The LBL cafeteria will be closed for remodeling from Friday, June 3, through Friday, June 10 (note the change in dates from an earlier announcement). There will be a catering truck in the cafeteria parking lot to handle breakfast and lunch during this period. The cafeteria will be open for business again on Monday, June 13. Canteen Corporation apologizes for any inconvenience.

COMING SOON: Skin cancer screening clinic

Employees with concerns about skin cancer should plan to attend the Health Services Department's annual Skin Cancer Screening Clinic, scheduled for 8 a.m. to noon on Friday, June 3, at Bldg. 26. Appointments are necesary; call X6266. Please plan to take the LBL shuttle to your appointment as parking is very limited.

C A L E N D A R -- MAY 16 TO MAY 20

16 m o n d a y


8 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 2-100B; Radiation Protection - Radionuclides (EHS 430), concludes Wednesday; pre-registration required, X6612


11 a.m., 425 Latimer; M. Larsson, Royal Inst. of Tech., Sweden, "Dissociative Recombination of Molecular Ions in a Storage Ring and the H3+ Controversy"


1:30-3 p.m., Bldg. 90-3148; Forklift Truck Safety (EHS 225); pre-registration required, X6612


1:30-4 p.m., Bldg. 50 Aud.; Introduction to Environment, Health & Safety at LBL (EHS 10); pre-registration required, X6612

17 t u e s d a y


10 a.m., Bldg. 50B-2222; J. Belasco, "Building a Customer-Focused, Quality-Based Organization"


Noon, Bldg. 90-1099


12:30 p.m., 375 Le Conte; K. Cook, LLNL, "Recent Results from the Macho Collaboration: MACHO and Non-MACHO Science"


4 p.m., Bldg. 66 Aud.; H. Hobbs, Univ. of Texas Southwestern, "Genetics and Metabolism of LP(A)"

18 w e d n e s d a y


8 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 2-100B; Radiation Protection - Radionuclides (EHS 430), continued from Monday; pre-registration required, X6612


11 a.m.-2 p.m., Bldg. 901; X6242


Noon, lower cafeteria

19 t h u r s d a y


9-11:30 a.m., Bldg. 66-316; Chemical Hygiene & Safety Training (EHS 348); pre-registration required, X6612


12:15 p.m., Bldg. 90-3148; M. Martin, Calif. Energy Commission, "Future of Appliance Standards from CEC Perspective"


1:30-3 p.m., Bldg. 66-316; Medical/Biohazardous Waste (EHS 730); pre-registration required, X6612


1:30 p.m., Bldg. 50 Aud.; D. Tomanek, Michigan State Univ., "The Buckyball: An Alchemist's Dream?"


4 p.m., Bldg. 50A-5132; T. Devlin, Rutgers Univ., "Observation of Rapidity Gaps in pp Collisions at s = 1.8TeV," Refreshments, 3:40 p.m.

20 f r i d a y




Buckwheat pancakes

Lentil *

Swiss steak scaloppine

Turkey sloppy Joe

South of the Border


Three-cheese omelet

Vegetarian split pea *

Baked lasagna


Chinese chicken salad


Biscuits & gravy w/eggs


Rosemary chicken

Roast beef & cheddar on sourdough

South of the Border


Blueberry pancakes

Manhattan clam chowder

Pasta primavera

Steak burger w/onion rings

Gyros feast


Ham scramble

Corn chowder

Tempura-fried fish

Jumbo chili dog

South of the Border

*Denotes lowfat item


Flea Market ads may be sent via Lab mail to Bldg. 65B, electronic mail to, or via Fax to X6641. The deadline is 5 p.m. Friday.


'69 CHEVROLET Chevelle Malibu, new red paint & white vinyl top, 350 V-8, a/t, p/s, a/c, tinted glass, exc. cond., $4K. Charley Matuk, X4658, 283-6111

'70 INTERNATIONAL pu 1200D, 3/4-ton, runs well, 86K mi., $2900/offer. Don Reimers, X4195 (owl shift), 930-9957

'71 RANCHERO GT, all orig., needs work, $500. Don Reimers, X4195 (owl shift), 930-9957

'79 VW Rabbit, gd cond., radio, reliable, $650 firm. 524-5600 (eve.)

'85 TOYOTA Camery LE sedan,

a/t, p/s, p/b, a/c, pwr windows & sunroof, 4-dr, runs exc., very reliable, $4K/b.o. Steve, 357-9990

'85 VW GTI, 5-spd, 86K mi., exc. cond., orig. owner, pull-out stereo, $3.8K. Bill, X7271, 376-3419

'86 FORD Ranger super cab, 2.3L, 4-cyl, 5-spd o.d., p/s, p/b, am radio, truck bed not damaged, gd cond., $3400/b.o. John Haugrud, X5901, 724-2574

'86 FORD Ranger, brn, 5-spd, 108K mi., very dependable, $1850. Julie, 526-7783

'88 HONDA Accord DX hatchbk, gold, 5-spd, 90K mi., $5K/b.o. Keith, X6212, (415)753-6830

'88 HONDA Accord DX, a/c, am/fm stereo, 5-spd, $6950/b.o. Joseph, 642-1826, 934-7143 (after 6 p.m.)

'89 CHEVY Celebrity sta wgn, white, like new, 8K mi., a/c, p/s, p/b, tinted windows, am/fm stereo, asking $6,500. Emily, X7472

'90 PLYMOUTH Voyager SE, 7-passengers, exc. cond., low mi., loaded, $10,900 or assume lease. Liona, 643-7005, 210-1119 (eve.)

'92 TOYOTA Tercel, 2-dr sedan, 23k mi., white, basic model, exc. cond., under warranty, very well maintained, avail. 6/27, $7K. Remi, X6186

'94 CHEVY S-10, 3K mi., tan w/blk trim, p/s, warranty, brand new, must sell, $11K. 883-1638

MOTORCYCLE, '81 Honda CB 900F Supersport, tank, saddle bags, luggage rack & padded back rest, exc. cond., photos in cafeteria, $1250. Ron, X6189, 516-1727

GO CART, 4 yrs. old, 5 HP, seldom used, gd cond., $500/b.o. Kelly or Joe Gonzalez, X4570, X5901, 634-5364

SCOOTER, '89 Honda Spree, red, luggage rack, looks like new, $1K cash. Elsie, X6584, 536-3262


VANPOOL, rider wanted, Concord to LBL/UCB, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., M-F. Roger Cochran, X5565

VANPOOL, riders wanted, from Antioch to Berkeley, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. work hrs. Charles Smith, X7615, Vanessa Selzer, 642-6301


ACCOMPANYING passenger for female booked on southern Caribbean cruise, leave San Juan 7/23 for St. Thomas, Guadelupe, Grenada, Caracas & Aruba. Tony Greenhouse, X4926

DRIVER to take my '81 Honda Accord to Chicago at the end of June. Ken, X7872

GOLF CLUBS (man), second hand, beginner set, W1, W3, I9, I7, I5, I3 & putter. Mark, 601-6541

HOUSE/APT. TO SIT, female visiting student from France, nr UCB/LBL, from 6/4 to 9/4. Remi, X6186


BIKE, 10-spd, Motobecane Touring, 10 yrs. old., good cond., $50/b.o. 843-2097

BUSINESS CALCULATOR, HP 18C, w/owners, real estate consultant & banking consultant manuals, $60; HP82240A Infrared thermal printer w/extra paper, $60. Greg Silberman, X6822

EXERCISE STEPPER, Impex Quick Stepper 900SR, nifty electronics, like new, $85. Ken, 526-7783

EXERCYCLE, slightly used, belt tensioning type, $25. Dennis Moltz, X7853, 526-7388

FAN, rotating, lg. sz., $5; window shade, white, new, 30" wide, $5; pictures, kitchen utensils & dishes, $1-5. 843-2097

MICROWAVE OVEN, Tappan, works great, must sell, $80. Subhadhra, X6078 (6 a.m.-2 p.m. M-F)

MOUNTAIN BIKE, Nishiki chromoly elevated chainstay frame w/Shimano Deore XT components, $450; complete waterbed set w/Carmel oak frame & headboard, $100. 848-1921

MOVING SALE, queen-sz. futon oak finish $100; queen-sz. futon, blk & b&w cover, $160; chains traction cables, Snotrac model 0141710 $25. Remi, X6186

REFRIGERATOR, 30x60, GE, 1950's style, you haul, $25. Dayna Powell, 699-0338

WINDOW, Anderson, Perma-Shield casement, model C34, terratone color, for rough opening 6'-3/8"x4'-1/2", 2 built-in screens & levelor blinds, 4-9/16 wood jamb extenders, high performance, dbl-pane, clear glass, new in box, $600/b.o. R. Baker, X5371, 620-0448


ALAMEDA, lg., sunny front rm in furn. Victorian, safe & clean, phone & cable hook-up, $425/mo. incl. utils. + dep. Elise, X4574

ALBANY, 2-bdrm, 1-bath house, lg. garden, avail. 7/1 - 8/31, $1200/mo. Steve or Caroline Lehman, 528-3220

ALBANY, Stannage Ave., between Solano & Marin Aves., 2-bdrm, upper floor of duplex, off-st. parking, w-w carpet, no pets, mo.-to-mo. lease. 524-3887

ALBANY, furn. rm in condo, carpet, balcony, 1-1/2 bth, kitchen privs., coin-op washer/dryer, st. parking or $25 extra for carport, nr public trans. & shopping, 3 mi. from UCB, short/long term, $495/mo. incl. utils. except phone (hook-up line in rm), $300 refundable dep. 559-8009 (5-10 p.m./msg.)

BERKELEY, 2728 Derby St., furn. room in 2-bdrm house, share w/female student & friendly cat, hardwd flrs, garden, 10 min. walk to UCB, avail. 6/1-8/23 (negot.), $425/mo. Pia Anderson or Kathleen Leon, 848-0120

BERKELEY, upstairs furn. studio w/skylight, parking, TV & yd, 10 min. walk to UCB/LBL shuttle, perfect for visitors, $525/mo. 548-9869

BERKELEY, furn. ground level studio w/skylight, wood beam ceilings, TV & parking, 20 min. walk to UCB/LBL shuttle, $495/mo. 548-9869

BERKELEY, Piedmont Ave, lg. furn. bdrm in furn. rooming house, TV, 5 min. walk to UCB/LBL shuttle, $500/mo.; unfurn. bdrms also avail. 540-0385

BERKELEY, 2-bdrm house, frpl, yd, garage, workshop, 25 min. walk to UCB/LBL shuttle, $875/mo. 527-4192

BERKELEY, Northside (Hearst & Arch), furn. studio apt, spacious, sep. kitchen & eating area, across st. from UCB & LBL shuttle, avail. 5/20 8/20, $595/mo. 845-6800

BERKELEY HILLS, Euclid/cedar, 5 blks from UCB, furn. rm in home, kitchen privs., washer/dryer, deck, S.F. views, nr trans., shops, tennis cts. & Rose Garden, non smoking, no pets, must be clean, prefer visiting scholar/ft working person, avail. 6/1, $450/mo. + util. 642-8517, 548-1287

NO. BERKELEY, Northside (Oxford between Hearst & Virginia), spacious, sunny, furn. 1+bdrm apt in quiet 4-plex, less than 5 min. walk from UCB & trans., hardwd flrs, walk-in closets, dining rm, parlor, quiet back bdrm, avail. 6/1-8/15 (negot.), $750. Lee, 486-0470

NO. BERKELEY, 2+bdrm, 1-bth house, frpl, garden, hot tub, off-st. parking, nr Rose Garden, 5 min. to LBL, non-smokers, cat to care for, avail. 6/23 - 7/28, rent negot. Aliyah Stein, 848-5167

NO. BERKELEY, Northside, lg. garden studio apt. (1500 sq. ft.), avail. 5/15 6/15, garden patio, full kitchen & bath, 10 min. walk to UCB/LBL shuttle, nr shopping, laundromat & restaurants, 1 blk to #65 bus, prefer visiting scholar, $800 incl. utils. & cable, car negot. Elizabeth, X5235, 841-5436

NO. BERKELEY HILLS, 3-bdrm, 2-1/2 bth house, ofc., piano, top of Buena Vista, view, avail. approx. 6/15 - 8/15, $1200/mo. 848-4769

EL CERRITO, 1-bdrm, 1-bth unit, 800 sq. ft., frpl, stove, refrig., dishwasher, washer/dryer, nr BART & shopping, $650/mo. incl. utils. Denny, 237-8171

KENSINGTON, furn. 2-bdrm apt, scenic view, beaut. neighborhood, w/restaurants & stores, 2 mi. from UCB, no smoking, no pets, avail. July 1 thru Sept. '94, seek visiting prof./scientist, $940/mo. G. Huber, X5369

KENSINGTON, 1-bdrm, 1-bth apt., safe, friendly area, washer/dryer dishwasher, stove, avail. 6/1, $700/mo. Connie Etcheverry, 525-0178

KENSINGTON, spacious 5-bdrm house to share w/1 person, pvt. bth, privacy, bay view from lg. bdrm, garden, trees, nr busses & shopping, favorite of LBL people, $530/mo., 1st, last + $200 cleaning dep. &

1/3 utils. 524-7086

OAKLAND, above Lake Merritt, Lakeshore area, on Hadden Hill, 2-bdrm, 1-1/2 bth apt. in 4-plex, garage, laundry, very clean, $710/mo. 655-3992

OAKLAND, nr Piedmont, share

2-bdrm w/smoking female & 2 cats, avail. 6/1, $338/mo. Mischelle, X7990, 601-6135

OAKLAND, furn. studio apt, avail June, July & Aug., off-st. parking, washer/dryer, convenient to BART, new kitchen, $300/mo. 420-0948

NO. OAKLAND, Temescal area, 1200 sq. ft., 1-bdrm flat, sep. living & dining rms, lg. kitchen, dishwasher, laundry hook-ups, walk-in closet, frpl, hardwd flrs, yard, avail. 6/1, $750/mo. + util. Tom, 601-0574 (eve./wkend)

RICHMOND ANNEX (2 listings), both in triplex, nr E.C. Plaza & BART, incl. refrig., garage, coin laundry, yd, carpet, drapes, dishwasher, new paint & blinds, 1-bdrm apt., $575/mo., 1st + dep.; 2-bdrm apt., $750/mo., 1st + dep. Judy or Tom, 527-8766

RICHMOND VIEW, pvt. room in home, share kitchen, laundry, etc., nr Del Norte BART, $325/mo. + dep. includes util. X6329, 236-0956

EXCHANGE: Italian couple w/college student son would like to exchange their Rome actic (2 bedrooms in Monte Verde) w/equivalent housing during Aug. Lina, X4411, 339-8113

WANTED: LBL employee seeks housing for 2-3 yrs. from 9/1, 1-bdrm, shared house, house-sitting, or other, pref. N. Berkeley or in the hills. (310) 839-6932

WANTED: Housing for visiting professor from Israel, 2 adults, 3 children, from July or Aug., price range $1K. Jacob Sonnenschein, bitnet COBI@TAJNIVM.bitnet

WANTED: Housing for visiting professor from Germany, 1 adult, from 9/15/94 10/2/96. Dr. A. Kwiatkowski, bf10 @ dkauni2.bitnet, +49-721/370 726 (FAX)

WANTED: Responsible, nonsmoking, non drinking, middle-aged couple seeks to rent housing (1-bdrm apt to full-size house) for a 2-3 wk stay starting 8/14, willing to take care of a reasonable number of plants and/or animals. Sidney Coleman,

WANTED: 3-bdrm house, possible 2-bdrm, for visiting Professor, wife & 2 children, for 1 mo. (slightly flex.) starting 6/22, will have car so can be outside of Berkeley. J. Pati,

WANTED: Friendly & clean scientist looking for rm to rent with kitchen privileges for 3-4 weeks starting 6/13, willing to do light house work or house-sit in lieu of rent.

WANTED: Furn. sm. apt./house/house-sit for visiting Fullbright Scholar, 9/94 3/95, prefer Berkeley, 1 person, professor from Thailand in her 40s, nonsmoking, likes gardening, local refs. X7435

WANTED: Furn. house/apt for middle-age couple, non-smokers, for 1 mo. starting July 1 (current lease ends June 30). Paul, 524-4782

WANTED: Furn. house/large, for visiting Danish professor, 2 bdrms, for 1 yr., starting Sept. '94, prefer No. Berkeley, Kensington. Val, X5369

WANTED: Semi-furn 1-bdrm, mid-May thru Aug., for visiting research asst., need safe parking area. X7407

WANTED: 1+ or 2-bdrm house/apt. for LBL/UCB employee & child, prefer within biking distance to LBL/UCB, can move in 6/1, long term, $750 limit. Elizabeth, X4344, 658-0557


BERKELEY, spacious 5-bdrm, 2-bth, (2) 1/2 bth Architect's home, sunny, level entry, patio, deck overlooks woodsy, secluded garden & creek. Sandy, 524-7402

EL CERRITO, Fairview area, 3-bdrm, 2-bth house, dining rm, family rm, laundry, frpl, decks, view, adjacent to hillside nature area, 1914 Ganges Ave., open Sun., 5/15, 1-4 p.m., $299K. Bob Caylor, X6483, 232-2853



Mary Bodvarsson, X4014

Mac QuickMail, fax X6641


Jeffery Kahn

Mike Wooldridge

Lynn Yarris


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Fax X6641

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Mary Padilla, X5771


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